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From which day does the count of nine begin to end in 2022? The winter solstice begins and ends on March 11

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has a different impact on our lives in the United States. When 2022 comes, which day does counting nine begin? Another question we need to know is when it will end, because it can make a series of preparations for our next life.


the beginning and ending time of the number nine in 2022

the number nine in 2022 starts from the winter solstice in 2021, that is, December 21, 2021, and ends on March 11, 2022. Starting from the winter solstice in late December of the Gregorian calendar, shujiu is a more suitable miscellaneous solar term in northern China, especially in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. It represents the time from cold to spring.

number nine means

number nine is a folk saying in China, also known as winter nine, which is a method of calculating the date of cold days and warm flowers in spring. Generally, the coldest time of the year is "March 9th and April 9th". When you count to nine "nine days" (ninety-nine eighty-one days), it will be warm in late spring and everything will be full of vitality. It is time for spring ploughing. The number nine method is passed down by word of mouth in China. There is history and lack of records. There is no exact data on when it originated. In traditional culture, nine is the extreme number, the number of "Zhiyang" and the largest number. The accumulation of "Zhiyang" means that Yin Qi is decreasing day by day. It has reached the end of nine times, which means that the cold is getting warmer and "spring is deep", that is, winter has passed and spring has come.

the custom of counting nine

there are many customs during the "counting nine" period spread among the people in China, many of which have cultural charm. The custom of "painting nine" appeared in the Ming Dynasty. The so-called painting is actually a diagram for calculating the warm date of spring after the winter solstice. In the Qing Dynasty, there was also a "poem picture of eliminating cold in 1999". In the picture, there were four sentences every nine days, a total of 36 sentences, ranging from "governing the world" in ancient times to "sitting in Jinluan in the Qing Dynasty" in this dynasty. It can be called an elegant historical "event". The custom of "writing nine" appeared again in the Qing Dynasty. Most of the time, the nine characters of "weeping willows in front of the pavilion, cherish the spring breeze" or "Bai Feng in the spring vestibule, send fragrance to the room" (of course, traditional Chinese) are used. After double composition, it is filled in from the first day of the ninth day. The method of filling in is similar to the "red tracing" in primary school students' calligraphy practice: dip a thick brush in ink and apply it evenly. Apply one stroke every day, one word in nine days, and it takes exactly 81 days to finish nine words. Interestingly, after completing one painting every day, you have to use a fine brush to record the weather conditions of the day in white on a thick stroke. Therefore, a line of "writing nine" is also more detailed meteorological data in 99 days, representing the change from cold to warm.

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