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On which day does the first nine of the cold days begin at the beginning of the winter solstice

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in our life, changes in the weather may have a significant impact anytime and anywhere. So when the cold weather comes, what aspects can we learn about the most important impact? First, which specific time point will wine start from? These are what we need to consider.


count nine cold days start time

count nine weather in China starts from the early winter in late December of the Gregorian calendar to the union day. Count nine cold days, that is, from the day when the winter solstice meets the union, count one "Nine" every nine days until 81 days of "Nine Nine", and the weather will be warm. In fact, it is "99 and 19, cattle walking everywhere" - 90 days, counting nine days, which is the transition from the coldest time to spring.

count the songs of nine cold days

1. No action in 1929; Three nine four nine walk on the ice; 5969 looking at willows along the river; Seven or nine rivers open, eight or nine geese come; In '99 and' 19, cattle went everywhere.


2. Meet each other in 1929; Thirty nine twenty-seven, the fence head blows the wind (an ancient musical instrument, which means that the cold wind makes the fence crackle); 4936, night like a heron (cold at night, curling up like a crane); On May 45, the sun opens its door, and on June 95, the poor children contend for spirit; 7963, cloth sleeve shoulder; 8972, the cat seeks the sun; Ninety nine eighty-one, plough and rake out together.

3. "The first nine days are warm, the second nine are cold, and the third nine are frozen to a hundred birds, the fourth nine are wax centers, and the wax insect essence is frozen to death. Five nine forty-five, cut with a knife, don't go into the soil, six nine fifty-four, no matter how cold it is, seven nine sixty-three, clothes and hats can be pulled, eight nine seventy-two, cats and dogs look for shade, nine nine eighty-one, grass and green leaves."

count nine blessings

in cold days

1. How can the frozen world thaw and recover overnight, and how can the newly awakened earth be prosperous overnight? May you accumulate and create.

"2. Snowflakes dress up beautiful winter; Cold wind, hand in hand, cold air strikes; Bless and convey the truth; SMS, send warm tips: remember to add more clothes in cold weather, do more exercise, strengthen your body, and live a healthy and happy winter!

3. Too busy to forget the long lost greetings; Whether the friendship that has been idle for a long time has rusted; Feel guilty and look back in a hurry. Is your smile still? Good friend, the weather is getting cold, pay attention to adding clothes!

4. Misunderstanding of health preservation in winter: if you often lick your lips, it will be drier; Wear too much clothes and run out of heat; Sleeping with your head covered, you are in a bad mood; Skin itching, do not scratch; Warm by fire, chilblain arrives early; Blind tonic, physical disorder.

5. Raise Yang in winter, choose proper food, nourish yin and moisten dryness: tremella, pear and honey; Less spicy and more sour, less spicy, more sour fruits, such as apples and pomegranates; It is suitable to drink milk, soybean milk and Shengjin liquid. I wish you a lot of health in winter!

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