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What is the first nine cold days in 2022 from December 21, 2021 to December 29, 2021

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comes in 2022, it actually has different changes and comments on our lives. What does it mean in the cold days? When will the first nine of the nine cold days arrive? This is what we should consider, because it is a very important situation.


the number of nine cold days in 2022 is 19. The time of

in 2022 is from December 21, 2021 to December 29, 2021. 19 is only the beginning of the cold, and the coldest time is 3949.

the calculation method of counting nine cold days

in Chinese folk saying, the correct algorithm of counting nine "is from the first union day after the winter solstice. Therefore, the specific date of" Nine "in each year is not fixed, which depends on the day of the first union day after the winter solstice. Another mistake is" counting nine " "It starts from the winter solstice. From the winter solstice, the specific time of" Nine "is fixed every year. Each" Nine "is fixed on the 9th, 18th and 27th day after the winter solstice..." the algorithm from the winter solstice is wrong and not accurate, so don't be misled.

the folk song

In the historical development of China, due to the integration of customs and cultures between the north and the south, "shujiu" has been widely spread among the people, and has become popular in the northern region at the latest in the northern and Southern Dynasties. In Jingchu Suishi Ji, written by Liang Daizong, "it is common to use the number of winter solstice days and 9981 days as the cold end." "shujiu song" "It exists in both north and south, but the lyrics are slightly different. People from all over the world have compiled all kinds of proverbs, ballads and Doggerels according to different climatic conditions, scene characteristics, farming phenology and customs. The" Jiujiu cold elimination song "widely spread among Chinese people is commonly known as" Jiujiu song " "There are many versions of count nine ballads. Examples of versions: 1929 don't sell, 3949 walk on the ice, 5969 look at the willows along the river, 799 the river opens, 899 the swallow comes, 999 plus 19, and farm cattle walk everywhere. Such ballads are popular."

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