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What is the meaning of the beginning of winter solar term

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when the north wind blows, the precipitation is less and less, and the climate becomes dry. We also feel the information of seasonal change. Whether in ancient times or now, we will use some special activities to welcome a new beginning, which is very ceremonial. Now let's introduce the date of the solar term and the meaning it represents.

立冬节气的含义是什么 立冬习俗

the meaning of the beginning of winter solar term

we can understand it literally. The beginning of winter means winter, which means that it is about to enter the severe cold season, bid farewell to autumn completely, and also collect all the harvested crops. Its date is usually from November 7 to 8. You can check the specific time by referring to the calendar. What are the customs of


? ① eating dumplings: This is the most familiar custom, especially for residents in the north. Every family will pack a large pot of dumplings with various fillings. They choose according to their own tastes and hope to eat them smoothly.

② eating sugarcane: this custom is popular in Chaoshan area, accompanied by fried rice. People believe that eating these foods at the beginning of winter is conducive to protecting teeth and nourishing.

③ going out of the suburbs to welcome the winter: in ancient times, the emperor led his ministers to the suburbs to hold relevant ceremonies to welcome the arrival of winter. These customs are no longer seen now, but some people will invite their friends to go out and enjoy the scenery of winter.


describe the ancient poem


in this season. ① Qiu yuan's two poems on the beginning of winter: drizzle produces cold without frost, and the wood leaves in front of the court are half green and yellow. Xiaochun hasn't been here for many days. Where does the plum blossom bloom.


② Qian Shi's "frost on the day before the beginning of winter is sensitive to chrysanthemums": last night, there were clear frost and cold catkins, and red leaves were all over the steps. The garden sweeps away the west wind, but the yellow flowers do not lose the autumn.

③ Fan Chengda's work in the boat at the beginning of winter night: people grow old year by year, and the cold increases with the rain. At the top of the hill, there is a firewood fire, and at the bottom of the water, there is a fishing lamp. Waves and shadows make thousands of folds, and there are few sand marks. If Emei wants to return to the temple, it must stay until dawn.

④ Feng Bogui's leaning on the fence at the end of the year: suddenly autumn is over, and the Ming Dynasty is just beginning to winter. I like the white hibiscus. Ask the letter chi binyan, urging the cold to have a ring. I can't see the dark smoke. I can smell the evening bell.

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