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What does Lidong eat? When will Lidong eat in 2021

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our country is very particular about eating. A rich table of dishes will be prepared for the new year and festival, which will be shared by the whole family, or a banquet will be held in case of a happy event. Please share it with all friends. When the seasons change, we should change some eating habits according to the characteristics of the climate. Here are some delicious foods about winter.

立冬吃什么 2021年什么时候立冬

what to eat at the beginning of winter

Japanese melon: the food popular in the north, also known as Wogua, papaya, rice melon and North melon, is actually stored in summer. In winter, it is made into dumpling stuffing, and some have to dip in vinegar and garlic to eat, which has a different taste.


dumplings: they were first common in the north. In recent years, the South also began to eat dumplings. It comes from the moral of "the time of giving birth", that is, at the turn of autumn and winter, eating is nutritious and healthy.


duck meat: ginger duck is used in Southern Fujian, which is suitable for tonic in cold winter to increase energy.

mutton soup: on the festival day, the business of mutton restaurant is very hot. Everyone will drink a bowl of hot mutton soup to resist the cold brought by winter.

the specific date of the solar term in 2021

can be seen from the query calendar that this year is Sunday, November 7. At this time, the sun reaches 225 ° of the Yellow meridian, and the steps of autumn are gradually gone, but it does not enter the coldest season immediately. The temperature will drop all the time, there will be icing in the north, and the soil temperature is also very low. It is necessary to make crops ready for winter. When the climate in the south is pleasant, it is similar to the comfort of late autumn, but we should pay attention to health preservation. We should not stay up late and eat warm and tonic food, and add clothes in time to prevent the large temperature difference between day and night. (1) at the beginning of winter, the crops were completely harvested, the eyes and fruits were taken back to the yard, and the earth was so thin that only bones and muscles were left. The hoe on his shoulder hooked the sun and walked to the village. He took off the hoe and the sun was shoveled to the ground. The place where the sun sets is as broad as the sky.


② the leaves are yellow and the cold wind is crazy. They appear again in the beginning of winter; Flowers with dew, the moon like frost, colder day by day.

③ time flies, time flies, winter comes, don't forget to heat before drinking water, don't forget to add clothes before going out, don't forget your body when working, and don't forget to cover your quilt when sleeping. Remember the above points, and winter will show you a smiling face.


④ on the day of the beginning of winter, there was a ray of sunshine, just like a long lost reunion. The flowers in the yard grew smaller and smaller, and finally retreated under several maple trees, dodging the last pink, dark purple and yellow.

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