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What does Lidong mean? What day is Lidong

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when the yellow leaves fall in autumn, we are still immersed in the strong atmosphere of high autumn and cool autumn. Winter has quietly come. Although there are no flying snowflakes in some places, the scene of everything withering is already predicting that the cold season really comes. Let's briefly introduce the relevant seasons and see what day it is. What does

立冬是什么意思 立冬是几月几日

mean at the beginning of winter?

is the first solar term in winter. At this time, when autumn leaves the stage, it will usher in cold weather, and the sun will reach 225 ° of the yellow meridian. In short, it refers to the meaning of the beginning of winter, which means that autumn is far away from us and we should collect the crops. In ancient times, the scene of the beginning of winter was described as follows: "first, the water begins to ice, second, the ground begins to freeze, and third, the pheasant enters the flood as a mirage." it shows the appearance that the river freezes and birds disappear for the winter. In the past, the emperor would lead his ministers to hold ceremonies in the countryside. Now people usually cook dumplings at home or go to a restaurant to drink a bowl of mutton soup, which is also very festive.


refer to the old calendar, so the dates of


are different every year. Take this year as an example, it is Sunday, November 7 of the Gregorian calendar and the third day of October of the lunar calendar. It is appropriate to move, decorate, open a business, get married, get a license, start work and set up a bed on that day. It is forbidden to enter a house, move land, settle doors, go to office, pray for blessings, seek medical treatment, fasting, etc, You can arrange the itinerary according to your own plan. At that time, many customs will need to be observed. You can ask the local experienced elders for precautions. What are the climatic characteristics of




as soon as we mention winter, there will be a picture of thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow. In fact, at the beginning of winter, the weather was not so extreme. The Northern Hemisphere where you are is getting less and less solar radiation, but because the heat stored on the surface in the summer half year still has a certain amount of energy, it is generally not too cold, but the temperature gradually decreases. When it is sunny and windless, there is often a sunny, warm and comfortable October "little sunny spring" weather. However, the precipitation has been significantly reduced, and the northern crops have entered the overwintering period, so it has become a key work to prevent and keep warm the soil from drought.

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