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What day is the beginning of winter? What's the difference between the beginning of winter and the winter solstice

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has been busy in spring, summer, autumn and other seasons, and finally gained something. In winter, many areas will fallow and make a good adjustment. People also relax and celebrate the beginning of winter. It is said that it was a new year in the past, but it has become a regular solar term in modern times. Maybe many people are still unfamiliar with its specific date. Let's take an inventory.

立冬是哪天 立冬和冬至什么区别

what day is the beginning of winter

take this year as an example, it is on November 7, the third day of October in the lunar calendar. It is one of the more important traditional festivals of the Han nationality. It not only indicates the official arrival of winter, but also reminds people to stop farming in time according to the laws of nature, conserve energy and prepare for farming after the beginning of spring next year. At this time, the North has frozen and the soil is frozen, so it is necessary to prevent drought and keep warm, while the south is collecting fruits and storing things before the cold weather comes. What is the difference between


and the winter solstice? First of all, the dates of


are different. As the first season of winter, Lidong will arrive first, on November 7 or 8 every year. Standing means the beginning, while winter means the end of autumn. The severe cold weather has just entered the beginning. At this time, the Sun runs to 225 ° of the Yellow meridian, which refers to the meaning of collecting crops after harvest. As for the winter solstice, it comes after the solar terms of light snow and heavy snow. When the sun reaches 270 ° of the Yellow meridian, it is around December 22 of the Gregorian calendar every year, and the temperature is lower. At this time, the position where the sun shines directly on the ground reaches the southernmost end of the year, almost directly on the Tropic of cancer, and the day is the shortest and longest. Common customs include eating dumplings and drinking mutton soup.

what are the famous proverbs

① frost will pickle cabbage, and the beginning of winter will not make cattle.

② thunder hits winter, ten bullpens and nine empty.

③ wheat is covered with three layers of quilt this winter and sleeps with steamed bread next year.

④ it's better to be stuffy in the soil if you don't pour the needle at the beginning of winter.

⑤ the west wind sounds, the crab feet itch, and the crab starts winter without a trace.

⑥ drizzle produces cold without frost, and the leaves in front of the court are half green and yellow. Xiaochun hasn't been here for many days. Where does the plum blossom bloom.

⑦ the cold dew is not cold, and the frost has changed the sky; Land shall be sealed first at the beginning of winter, and Xiaoxue river shall be strictly sealed.

⑧ when the rain falls at the beginning of winter, it will rot the winter and eat all the firewood and rice.

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