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What clothes does Lidong wear? Lidong's custom

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when winter comes, the north wind is bleak and blows the fallen leaves to the ground. It is particularly quiet everywhere. It is the most comfortable to stay at home and study and drink tea. Keeping warm has also become the main work. Some people don't know what to wear because the temperature in some areas is still high at noon. Here are some suggestions for you to help.

立冬穿什么衣服 立冬的风俗

what clothes to wear at the beginning of winter

the weather has turned cold at this time, and about two clothes should be worn in the north. If it is too thin, it will be easy to catch cold, but pay attention to choose materials with good air permeability. If the material is too hard, it is not good for the skin, especially for the elderly and children, cotton based clothes are recommended. At this time in the south, people wearing short sleeves can also be seen on the street, but it's best to go out and carry a coat, because there is a great temperature difference between day and night. The temperature may be high at noon during the day, but the temperature will drop sharply at night, and they will be frozen if they don't pay attention. What are the customs of


① tonic: in winter, people will eat nourishing things, such as beef and mutton, black chicken, crucian carp, mild soybean milk and milk, and eat more radish, green vegetables, tofu, fungus and so on.

② winter swimming: now there are many innovations in the way of celebrating the festival. People will also be organized to swim in Heilongjiang and other places, and go into the water in cold weather to encourage everyone to exercise.

③ eating dumplings: also known as "Jiaozi", it refers to the turn of autumn and winter, so dumplings can't be eaten, especially the residents in the North love to eat them.

④ eating glutinous rice balls: This is the eating habit of the people in the south. A hot bowl of glutinous rice balls is conducive to adjusting their physical quality and strengthening their physique to resist the cold winter.


are recommended in the solar term text. 1. Sparse trees shake the air, water condenses the ice, and the north wind reciprocates for several cold winters.

2. Use the wind as a pen to denounce the inner light and honesty on the vast land.

3. The pine forest sneaks through the cold wind, and the urban and rural areas gallop through the smoke and clouds.

4. Talk around the stove at night, warm wine and cook tea, and feel the charm of early winter at the tip of your teeth.

5. The red leaves outside the wall can't be hidden. There is a cup of tea cooking pot in front of the court.

6. Store everything in winter, do not resist the lead and do not forget the original heart.

7. Weather beaten and more warm, may your heart have sunshine and fragrance all the way.

8. A little Zen light for half a month, tonight is colder than last night.

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