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When does Lidong eat mutton

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in October of the lunar calendar, the autumn tiger has also withdrawn from the stage in the south. The climate is no longer as hot as before, and the air gradually becomes dry. At this time, it is very busy to supplement and prevent autumn dryness. Let's introduce the relevant seasons in winter to see what food is suitable for eating and on which day.

什么时间立冬 立冬吃羊肉

when is the beginning of winter

is usually from November 7 to 8 every year. According to the calendar, this year is on the 7th, that is, the third day of October in the lunar calendar. It means that autumn is over, winter begins, everything is collected, and the crops are idle to prepare for sowing next spring. The ancients also divided the beginning of winter into three periods, that is, the first period when the water began to ice, the second period when the ground began to freeze, and the third period when the pheasant was a mirage. It means that during this period, the water has begun to freeze, the land has begun to freeze, and big birds such as pheasants have disappeared. It vividly reflects the climate characteristics of the season, the scenery withers, and animals hibernate.

precautions for eating mutton

① do not eat too much. As a food with high calories, eating too much is easy to get angry.

② it is forbidden to eat with seafood. It is said that it is easy to produce adverse reactions and is also a burden on the intestines and stomach.


③ although they have the effect of nourishing the warm sun and keeping out the cold, they should be handled clean and cooked before eating, so as to avoid the entrance of germs. If they can't make them, they can order in restaurants, which is safer.

④ after eating mutton, drink some mild soup, or adjust it with fresh vegetables and fruits to achieve balanced nutrition.

what other traditional foods are there

① sugarcane: there is a custom of eating sugarcane in Chaoshan area of Fujian Province. It is believed that it can protect teeth and has the effect of nourishing.

② green onion: it is a popular food in Nanjing. People used to eat green onion in the hope of driving away the cold in winter.

③ dumplings: as a typical traditional food, every family will make a large pot of dumplings in Lidong, with all kinds of fillings, which are selected according to their favorite tastes.

④ ginger duck: it is a popular dish in Southern Fujian. It is usually made into soup by adding ginger slices. It is very suitable for supplementary meals in winter.

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