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What time is the beginning of winter in 2021? What should we pay attention to

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time always moves forward uncontrollably. The change of seasons always reminds people to make corresponding changes. Some celebrate with traditional customs in order to commemorate special solar terms. In modern times, the calculation of seasons can be accurate to minutes and seconds, which can be described as a supplement to science and technology. Now let's talk about the day of winter related solar terms.

2021立冬是几点 立冬注意什么

what time is the beginning of winter 2021

by querying relevant data, it can be seen that the beginning of winter this year is at 12:58:37 noon on November 7. From the literal meaning, Li means the beginning, which refers to the beginning of winter. In the eyes of the ancients, winter should mean "end" and the moral of the collection of all things. The autumn harvest has been completed and the harvested crops have been preserved, but it is safe to spend the winter. Since ancient times, it has been regarded as a very important festival, so different customs have been formed to celebrate it. What are the precautions for

① pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation: This is the most important point. You can't wear too thin to prevent catching a cold, but you shouldn't wear too much and too thick, mainly comfortable.

② go to bed early and get up late: develop a regular work and rest. Don't stay up late, because the day is short and the night is long. Only by following the climate change of nature can we maintain a good mental state.

③ proper exercise: carry out certain outdoor exercise, strive for immunity, maintain a healthy body, and it is not easy to get sick in the cold season.

④ tonic on time: don't eat too vegetarian in winter. Eat more mild nourishing foods, such as chicken, duck, fish and mutton. Of course, fresh vegetables and fruits can't be less. Recommend


① grass root soup: it is popular in Fujian. Cut Angelica dahurica root, salt skin wood root, Litsea cubeba root and di Ren root into pieces, put them into a pot to boil a thick grass root soup, remove the root pieces, and then add nourishing meat to boil them.

② eating dumplings: there are cabbage and pork stuffing, leek and pork stuffing, egg and corn stuffing, etc. you can eat them with vinegar and rotten garlic according to your taste.

③ mutton: it is warm in nature and has the effect of resisting cold. People not only make mutton soup, but also mutton hot pot and so on.

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