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Lidong Maxim Lidong taboo

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As one of the 24 solar terms,

is valued by people. On the day of the festival, there are a lot of attention, especially for the elderly and young children. There are also provisions on food, so that they can spend the winter happily. Here are some famous sentences for you. Welcome to share them with your friends.

立冬格言 立冬禁忌

what are the maxims of the beginning of winter

① when winter comes, can spring be far behind—— British Shelley

② it is cold in the year, and then it is known that pines and cypresses wither—— Confucius


in the spring and Autumn period ③ Rome was not built in a day——


by Wang Chong of the Eastern Han Dynasty ④ birds in thousands of mountains fly away and people in thousands of paths disappear—— Liu Zongyuan of the Tang Dynasty


⑤ the winter night is cold and eternal, and the night leaks out of the palace. Grass white mist and frost, wood decline and clear the moon——

in Wang Wei's book Huai on a winter night ⑥ in October, the weather in Jiangnan is good, and the poor winter scenery is like spring—— What are the taboos of


in Bai Juyi's early winter? First of all, we can compare the old yellow calendar. On the day of the beginning of winter this year, we should avoid entering the house, breaking the ground, setting up the gate, going to office, praying for blessings, seeking medical treatment, fasting and so on. We can arrange the itinerary according to our own plan.

② it is forbidden to stay up late. At this time, the day is short and the night is long. You should go back early to keep enough sleep and keep your spirit.

③ it is not appropriate to eat too much festival food, otherwise it is afraid of indigestion, which will bring a burden to the intestines and stomach, especially some foods with high calories and easy to get angry.

④ you should not wear too thin. The temperature drops sharply in winter. If you don't wear more, you are easy to catch cold. What are the customs of


① eating sugarcane: it is said that sugarcane can protect teeth, so it will be eaten in Chaoshan area of Fujian Province on the first day of winter. ② tonic: every family will cook some protein rich meat to reward themselves, such as chicken, duck, beef and so on. Eat dumplings: since ancient times, there has been a saying "delicious but dumplings". People in the North love to eat and wrap all kinds of fillings.

③ drink mutton soup: on this day, the business of mutton restaurant will be particularly good. Many people come to drink a bowl of hot soup to drive away the cold.

④ swimming: many areas will organize winter swimming, which can not only strengthen the body, but also encourage people to have the courage to overcome the cold.

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