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What time is the beginning of winter

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when the golden autumn is covered with ice and snow and the world is silent, it is inevitable that something is missing. Smart humans will hold some activities to celebrate and increase the lively atmosphere. However, there are also some regulations on the date. Now it can be accurate to minutes and seconds. Let's take a look at the date of winter related solar terms.

立冬是什么时间 立冬节气谚语

when is the beginning of winter

is usually on November 7 or 8 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Take this year as an example, it is on the 7th, that is, the third day of October of the lunar calendar. In ancient China, the beginning of winter was the beginning of winter, which was said to be "born in spring, long in summer, autumn harvest and winter storage". This is the season to enjoy a bumper harvest and recuperate. Lidong was one of the "four seasons and eight Festivals" among the ancient people. In the old days, some places held sacrifices, banquets and other activities in Lidong as important festivals to celebrate. Now there are collective activities such as winter swimming, which is very lively.

solar terms proverbs summary

1. The wheat is covered with three layers of quilt this winter, and sleep with steamed bread next year.

2. Thunder hits winter, ten bullpens and nine empty.

3. There is much snow and ice in the north wind at the beginning of winter, and there is no rain and snow in the south wind at the beginning of winter.

4. Seeing the beginning of winter without rain in Chongyang, the beginning of winter is dry without rain.

5. It rains and rains in the south at the beginning of winter, and there is no withered (dry) soil in winter.

6. The west wind sounds, the crab feet itch, and the crab starts winter without a trace.

7. If you don't eat cakes at the beginning of winter, you will die in a corner.

8. See the winter solstice without rain in Chongyang. There is no rain and sunshine in the winter solstice.

9. Frost pickled cabbage. The beginning of winter does not make cattle.

10. The beginning of winter is closely connected with light snow, and the land preparation before winter is the first. What is the origin of


? There are many versions of stories about its origin, but people began to use this calendar thousands of years ago. It is recorded in the collection and interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar that "the beginning is the beginning of the establishment." it is also said that "winter is the end, and all things are collected." it means that at the beginning of winter, all crops have been harvested and stored, which represents not only the coming of winter, but also the end of crops and the hibernation of animals. There is also a vivid description of its change process: "first, the water begins to ice; second, the ground begins to freeze; third, the pheasant is a mirage." generally speaking, it reflects the alternation of seasons and occupies an important position in the twenty solar terms.

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