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Lidong eat dog meat Lidong health care

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when the weather turns cold in autumn, it is not recommended to always be vegetarian, because nutrition needs to be supplemented at this time. Lack of protein will cause symptoms such as sleepiness and weakness, so eating more meat is the best choice. There are many kinds of delicious food in China. As for what kind of food should be based on personal physique, I'll give you some analysis below.

立冬吃狗肉 立冬保健

precautions for eating dog meat at the beginning of winter

eating dog meat at this season can replenish blood and Nourish Qi and drive away the cold in winter, but there are many places to pay attention to. As the heat is very high, it is not suitable to eat more at a time, otherwise it is easy to get angry. Secondly, those suffering from cough, cold, fever, diarrhea, yin deficiency, fire and other non deficiency cold diseases should not eat. Meat should be healthy, otherwise it will have a bad impact on the human body. In addition, remember to handle it clean and cook it thoroughly before eating, so as to prevent bacterial breeding and disease from entering the mouth.

health care methods

① cold prevention and warmth preservation is the primary task. It's best to take a coat when going out and don't wear too thin.

② don't stay up late, keep the work and rest rules, and have enough spirit the next day.

③ it's good to eat more warm and tonic foods, such as chicken, duck, mutton, as well as fresh vegetables. Fungus, carrot and lotus root are all good for human body.

④ exercise properly and maintain a good attitude. You can take a walk or jog in the park, jump and exercise indoors, sweat and increase blood circulation, which is conducive to strengthening your physique and preventing colds and other diseases. What is the solar term after




belong to the light snow solar term. Generally, the sun reaches 240 ° on November 22 or 23 every year, ranking the fourth in the whole winter. It is a festival reflecting weather phenomena. The ancient book Qunfang spectrum records that "light snow is cold and will snow, and the ground is not cold and even the snow is not heavy." it shows that the temperature is decreasing, but it is not the coldest time. Although the ground is cold below zero and begins to snow, it is small and does not reach the level of heavy snow. At this time, the northwest wind began to become a frequent visitor, with frequent precipitation, and the ground was always wet and cold for a long time.

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