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How about the sun at the beginning of winter

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The north wind of

is bleak, blowing the sadness of homesickness of travelers. The elders who stay at home are busy preparing for the festival. Whenever it comes to October of the lunar calendar, there is a custom to celebrate the beginning of winter. We offer sacrifices and pray for a good harvest in the coming year, and then share delicious food together, which is very atmosphere. Let's talk about its climate characteristics and see what the impact of sunny days is.

立冬的景象 立冬出太阳好吗

the scene of the beginning of winter

at this time, the cold air frequently goes south, and the whole country generally enters winter, especially in the north, some reach below zero and begin to snow. The southern region is in the "little sunny spring" environment, and the climate is very pleasant. On the whole, the precipitation will decrease, the air will become dry, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the night will be longer and longer, and the day will be shorter.

how about the sun on the same day

generally speaking, in winter, the temperature drops very much. Everyone hopes to have warm sunshine, dry clothes and quilts, and won't feel so cold. However, there is a folk saying that "it is sunny in the beginning of winter, dry without rain, rainy in the beginning of winter". It is said that we can predict whether the whole winter will be sunny or rainy from the climate on the day of this solar term. If the sun is particularly sunny on this day, it will be dry and the precipitation will be scarce, which means warm winter. If it rains at the beginning of winter, there will be a lot of rain and snow in the future, and it will be colder in winter. Therefore, for agricultural production, people still hope not to have the sun and have sufficient water for irrigation.

which vegetables are suitable for planting

① spinach: after the wheat harvest, you can plant some spinach, harvest the light snow solar term, and eat it during the Spring Festival.

② soup dishes: because some sugar vegetables have a strong ability to encounter cold, many farmers can only eat them after they were planted years ago.

③ chives: Generally speaking, they don't grow too big. As long as they are planted and covered with plastic film, they can grow very fast at a temperature of more than 10 degrees, but pay attention to sufficient water irrigation.

④ mustard: wild mustard is common, but it can also be planted artificially now. It has rich nutritional value and delicious taste. It is suitable to be cut into pieces and boiled with mutton.

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