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What do you eat on Lidong day? Lidong eats dumplings

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When the

time comes to November, the cold breath is getting closer and closer. People will order a hot drink at an appropriate time, watch the north wind roar outside, and try not to go out to avoid the invasion of the cold wave. At this time, we need to prepare some food to spend the hard winter. This article will give some examples to see if there are any friends who like it.

立冬当天吃什么 立冬吃水饺

what to eat on the day of the beginning of winter

1. Green onion: it is popular in Nanjing. Because it is wet and cold in winter, people think it can drive out the air conditioner.

2. Fragrant rice: as the saying goes, "eat fragrant rice on October 10". It originated because autumn is the harvest season. People in Chaoshan area of Fujian make rice with harvested raw materials. After ancestor worship, the whole family share it together and pray for good weather and bumper crops in the coming year.

3. He Dong: usually preparing a banquet and congratulating each other is not common today, but we still prepare rich meals to celebrate together.

4. Tonic food: in cold areas, it is suitable for warm products, such as cattle, sheep, dog meat, etc; Chicken, duck and fish are also suitable. It's best to match with fresh vegetables and supplement enough vitamins.

precautions for eating dumplings

① first choose your favorite taste, otherwise you will step on thunder when you eat the stuffing you don't like.

② do not eat too much, otherwise it will cause indigestion. Control the amount each time you cook, otherwise the rest may cause waste.

③ dumplings should be cooked before eating, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and cause gastrointestinal diseases.

④ it's best to prepare some fillings in advance, because I'm afraid there will be too many sales on the beginning of winter and I can't buy raw materials.

⑤ don't eat with raw and cold food for fear of bad effects on your health. After eating dumplings, you can match fresh fruit and so on.

the beginning of winter is in early November. The mountains are half yellow and half red in front of us. The night is long. People shrink into the warm quilt early and have sweet dreams. Sometimes when you go shopping, you have to wear thick clothes, let the leaves swim with the north wind, and let the snowflakes float with the wind. The evergreen trees have inadvertently changed into golden winter clothes. Walking in such a scene, you have unspeakable joy in your heart.

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