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Which day is the winter solstice in 2021? December 21, 2021, 23:59:9

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comes in 2021, people should consider the impact of each solar term on their life, because it has a certain impact on their future destiny. Then, when the winter solstice comes, how can we understand the specific time contained in it?

2021冬至日是哪天 几月几日几点

the specific time of the 2021 winter solstice

the solar term of the 2021 winter solstice is 23:59:9 on December 21 of the Gregorian calendar, and Tuesday, November 18 of the lunar new year. The winter solstice also means that the coldest season is coming soon.

winter solstice blessing

1. The winter solstice temperature is low, the weather is cold and cold, wear more clothes, send text messages to convey warmth, and take a little blessing. I wish you good health, not upset, smooth work, make more money, sweet love, everyone envy, good luck for your family, happy mood and smile!

2. The weather is cold and the winter solstice is coming. Cook a bowl of steaming dumplings for you: happiness is skin, happiness is stuffing and health is soup. May you have good luck and warm your life after eating. Happy winter solstice!

3. Whether the sun is bright or dim, let the warmth always be in the heart; Whether the tea is thick or elegant, let the tea fragrance ripple in my heart; Whether contact is often or occasionally, let blessings fill your heart. The winter solstice is coming. Take care of yourself.

the custom of winter solstice

1. Eating Tangyuan

has the custom of eating Tangyuan in the South and dumplings in the north, especially in the south of the Yangtze River. "Tangyuan" is a necessary food for the winter solstice. "Yuan" means "Reunion" and "perfection". Eating Tangyuan at the winter solstice is also called "winter solstice circle". There is a folk saying that eating Tangyuan is one year older.

2. Eat sweet potato soup fruit

in the traditional customs of Ningbo, sweet potato soup fruit is one of the necessary delicacies in the winter solstice. "Fan" and "fan" are homonymous. In the understanding of Ningbo people, eating sweet potatoes at the winter solstice is to "turn" all the bad luck of the past year. Tangguo is similar to tangtuan, but it is much smaller and there is no stuffing in it. Tangguo is also called Yuanzi, which means "Reunion" and "perfection". Old Ningbo also has the saying that "one year older after eating Tangguo". Ningbo people are used to adding wine when making sweet potato soup and fruit. In this way, it will be more warm and tonic     。

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