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What are the sunrise and sunset times of 2021 winter solstice? Sunrise: 07:32:25 sunset: 16:52:46

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When the winter solstice comes every year,

should consider the impact on life from what angles? This is also an aspect and problem that people should pay attention to. Then, when the winter solstice comes in 2021, how can we reasonably calculate the time of sunrise and sunset?


sunrise and sunset time of 2021 winter solstice

sunrise time of winter solstice: 07:32:25; Sunset time: 16:52:46 this is calculated according to Beijing time in China.

an ancient poem describing the winter solstice

thinking about home at the winter solstice night in Handan

Bai Juyi [Tang Dynasty]

in Handan Posthouse every winter solstice, with the shadow in front of the knee lamp.


want to sit at home late at night, but also talk about people who travel far away.


are as small as


. Du Fu [Tang Dynasty]


are urged by time and personnel day. The winter solstice is sunny and spring comes again.


embroidery have five patterns, add weak lines, and blow jialiuguan floating ash.


the shore is waiting for the wax to release the willows. The mountain is cold and wants to release the plum.


clouds are different from each other. They teach children and cover the cup in their hands.

to later

Du Fu [Tang Dynasty]

long after the winter solstice, far away in Jiannan thinking of Luoyang. What does


mean? The Golden Valley copper camel is not the hometown.

the plum blossom wants to open unconsciously, and the di calyx looks at each other forever.


are very sad. They are based on poetry. When poetry becomes chanted, it turns desolate.

meteorological changes in the winter solstice

wrote in an ancient Chinese poem, "the northwest wind blows down all kinds of grass, and several times it is cold and sunny. The day is the shortest, but the golden plum blossoms." the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year in all parts of the northern hemisphere. After the winter solstice, the direct point of the sun gradually moves northward, the day in the northern hemisphere gradually becomes longer, and the height of the noon sun gradually increases. Therefore, as the saying goes, "after eating the winter solstice noodles, a line grows in a day. The winter solstice is the day with the shortest day and the longest night. After that day, the day begins to grow day by day. Therefore, the ancients believed that" the winter solstice is a time when Yang is used and Yin is restored to silence. "That is, the winter solstice is a time when Yin and Yang alternate. From then on, Yin turns to decline, and Yang begins to sprout, which is a sign of the coming of winter and spring. After the winter solstice, the climate in all parts of China will enter the coldest stage, that is, people often say" entering nine "and" counting nine cold days ". The so-called" counting nine "means that nine days are a unit from the day of the winter solstice, which is called" Nine " "After nine" nines ", just 81 days, it is" out of nine "or" end nine ". From" Nineteen "to" Nine Nine ", the cold in winter becomes warm in spring, that is, it is spring."

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