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The specific time of winter solstice in 2021 is 23:48 on December 21

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comes in 2021, the impact of solar terms on people's life is a very important situation. Then, what kind of way can we know the specific time of the winter solstice? Because knowing the specific time can help people develop better in their later life.

2021年冬至具体时间 是哪一天

the specific time of the 2021 winter solstice

the solar term of the 2021 winter solstice is 23:48 on December 21, 2021, and Tuesday, November 18, the lunar new year. At this time, the weather will be very cold and you need to wear cotton padded clothes.

taboo of winter solstice solar terms

in terms of time, the day grows gradually after the winter solstice solar terms, Yang Qi begins to grow, and you must rest and rest, so there is another saying that you should avoid traveling at the winter solstice. It is generally believed that if there is no rain in the winter solstice in Hubei, it will be early in the coming year. There is a proverb: "look at the winter solstice when there is no rain at the beginning of winter, and it will be sunny in winter when there is no rain at the winter solstice." it is forbidden to curse, quarrel and say unlucky words at the winter solstice in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Some places in Yunnan avoid slaughtering and filial piety on the winter solstice. The night before the winter solstice in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the floor inside and outside the house is cleaned, which is called "sweeping the land next year", but the floor cannot be swept on the winter solstice. On the winter solstice in Huzhou, it is taboo for the elderly and children to sleep late. It is considered that the Yin Qi is the heaviest on the night of the winter solstice, and the Yang Qi of the elderly and children is insufficient. They must go to bed early to avoid it, otherwise it will be unfavorable. It is taboo to sweep the floor on the winter solstice in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Locals will sweep the floor inside and outside the house on the night before the winter solstice, which is called "sweeping the land next year"; The elderly and children in Huzhou need to go to bed early. It is said that the winter solstice night is the time when Yin is the heaviest, while the elderly and children lack Yang and must be avoided, otherwise it will be bad for their health.


what are the three seasons of the winter solstice? The


are divided into three seasons in China's folk solar terms. The three seasons of the winter solstice are: "earthworm knot; elk horn solution; water spring movement." it is said that earthworms are creatures extending from Yin to Yang. At this time, although Yang Qi has grown, Yin Qi is still very strong, and earthworms in the soil still curl up; Elk and deer belong to the same family, but their yin and yang are different. The ancients thought that Elk's horn was backward, so it was Yin. When the winter solstice was born with Yang, elk felt that the Yin Qi gradually retreated and solved its horn; Because Yang Qi is born, the spring in the mountain can flow and warm at this time. This is the three seasons of the winter solstice. Generally, after the three seasons, it comes to the next solar term.

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