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2021 winter solstice blessing words: Winter Solstice rain, light cold see frost "

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is a very important situation for everyone to consider how they can have a certain consideration for their future life, because in this process, it involves interpersonal communication and the choice of friends. Then when the winter solstice comes, How can people choose the most correct blessing?

2021年冬至祝福语大全 寄语祝福的话

the blessing words of the 2021 winter solstice

1. When the winter solstice comes, the north wind howls, bursts of cold air like throwing knives, one knife on the left and one knife on the right, focusing on hands and feet. If you want to avoid the small flying knife, it is said that you can eat dumplings on this day. Only with such Kung Fu can you be high enough, and so can the flying knife float in the air -- happy winter solstice!

2. Friends make busy life beautiful, friends make ordinary days more warm, friends make noisy cities closer, and friends make cold winter full of warmth. The winter solstice is coming, dear friends, remember to contact often and wish your friends all the best!

3. When the wind blows, the clouds will not be lonely. When the leaves fall, the earth will not be alone. When snow falls, the sky will not be lonely. When I miss you, I won't be alone. In the warm season, it will not be lonely. Wish friends a happy winter solstice!

the agricultural proverb of the winter solstice solar term

1. There is snow to the end of the year in the winter solstice, and there is wind and cold half winter in the winter solstice.

2. It rains in the winter solstice and frost in the light cold.

3. There is no rain in the winter solstice and drought in the summer solstice next year.

4. Ploughing during the winter solstice, one plow is better than one gold. Plough gold before the winter solstice and iron after the winter solstice.

5. Strong north wind in winter solstice, pay attention to frost prevention.

6. Sunny winter solstice, annual rain.

7. There is more rain in the winter solstice and less rain in the winter solstice.

8. Northwest wind in winter solstice, dry spring in the coming year.

9. The rain star in the winter solstice is unknown, and it is difficult to walk one after another with heavy snow.

10. The weather is fine in the winter solstice and fruits will be born in the coming year.


agricultural activities in the winter solstice solar term


whenever the winter solstice solar term comes, it is a good time to build water conservancy, vigorously carry out farmland capital construction and accumulate fertilizer. At the same time, we should apply wax fertilizer and do a good job in antifreeze. The management of winter crops in Jiangnan area of China should be strengthened, ditches should be cleared for drainage, soil should be cultivated and roots should be blocked, and the hardening of winter soil that has not been ploughed should be promptly ploughed, so as to loosen the soil, enhance the capacity of water storage and water conservation, and eliminate overwintering pests. In the southern coastal areas where spring planting has begun, we should seriously do a good job in cold prevention of rice seedlings to ensure that we can harvest.

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