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What are the sunrise and sunset times of the winter solstice? 07:33 and 16:53 Beijing time

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every day, sunrise in the East and sunset in the west is a natural law, and it is also a situation that will never change in the world. What aspects will affect the time of sunrise and sunset in people's life? It also needs to be considered. In this process, when the winter solstice solar term comes, how does the time change in this regard?


sunrise and sunset time of winter solstice

sunrise time of winter solstice solar term is 07:33 Beijing time; Sunset time is 16:53 Beijing time. The time of sunrise and sunset of the sun will change with the change of solar terms. The sunshine time will be significantly longer at the summer solstice, but on the contrary at the winter solstice. The sunshine time will be shorter and the weather will be much colder. The custom of


winter solstice solar terms


attached great importance to the winter solstice solar terms in ancient China. It was also a big festival at that time, and some places still regarded the winter solstice as a festival. There are many places in the north to kill sheep and eat dumplings and wonton on the winter solstice. The South has the habit of rice balls and long noodles in this world. Some places still maintain the custom of offering sacrifices to heaven and ancestors. The custom of eating dog meat at the winter solstice began in the Han Dynasty. It is said that emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty ate dog meat on the winter solstice. He thought it tasted very delicious, so he formed the custom of eating dog meat on the winter solstice. Some places now eat dog meat and mutton on the winter solstice. I hope it will bode well later. There is the custom of red bean glutinous rice in Jiangnan. People believe that eating red bean rice on this day can prevent disasters and diseases and prevent many diseases.

taboos of winter solstice solar terms

in China still pay more attention to the winter solstice, so there are many taboos,

1. Avoid traveling

the day gradually grows after the winter solstice, Yang begins to grow, and you must rest and rest, so there is a saying that you should avoid traveling at the winter solstice.

2. Avoid no rain

Hubei area, and avoid no rain at the winter solstice. If it doesn't rain at the winter solstice, it will be early next year. There is a proverb: "there is no rain at the beginning of winter, the winter solstice will be sunny in winter."

3. Avoid swearing

in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Avoid swearing, quarreling and saying unlucky words at the winter solstice, otherwise it will touch the head of mildew.

4. Don't sweep the floor

in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, sweep the floor inside and outside the house on the night before the winter solstice, which is called "sweeping the land next year", but you can't sweep the floor on the day of the winter solstice.

5. Do not go to bed late

Huzhou area. It is forbidden for the elderly and children to sleep late on the winter solstice. Locals believe that the night of the winter solstice has the heaviest Yin Qi, while the elderly and children lack Yang Qi. They must go to bed early to avoid it, otherwise it will be unfavorable.

6. Don't eat dumplings

in Henan, don't eat dumplings in the winter solstice, otherwise your ears will be frozen and it will be unfavorable to the agricultural harvest. There is a proverb: "the winter solstice is not winter (meaning not eating dumplings), and there is no positive wind in the field. Of course, some places will also have some unique customs in their own areas."

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