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What day is the winter solstice in 2021? What are the activities on this day

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every year, because there are differences between the lunar calendar and the lunar calendar, we also need to know the specific time of some solar terms. Especially in 2021, what way should we know the specific time of the winter solstice solar terms? What preparations should people make when the winter solstice comes?

2021年冬至是哪一天 什么时候

the time of the 2021 winter solstice

is in 2021. The time of the winter solstice is 23:59:09 on December 21. On the day of the 18th winter solstice in November 2021 of the lunar calendar, the sun's yellow meridian is 270 °, and the sun is almost direct at the Tropic of cancer. The day is the shortest and the night is the longest in our northern hemisphere, which is also the first day of the ninth cold day.

winter solstice suitable sports

1. Rope skipping

the weather is cold after the winter solstice. It's not suitable for outdoor sports. You can jump rope at home or in the gym. Rope skipping can exercise people's coordination, endurance, explosive power and jumping ability. It has health care function for a variety of organs. Skipping rope for 5 minutes every day, 120 times per minute, helps to enhance blood circulation and cardiopulmonary function, prevent coronary atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction, relieve waist and leg pain, and is conducive to strengthening the body, getting rid of diseases and losing weight.

2. Knead your ears

specific methods: stand naturally, your feet are the same width as your shoulders, your hips droop naturally, your palms face the inside, your middle finger tips close to Fengshi acupoint, pull out the top, your tongue against your palate, lift your anus, and eliminate distractions in your heart. Relax the whole body, rub the two palms until hot, lift and rub the ears and the skin around the ears with the palms, promote the full flow of blood around the ears, and rub the ears until hot. Then straighten the index fingers of both hands, insert the two calculation holes, completely block the external auditory canal, and suddenly pull it out for one time, a total of 6 times. Rubbing the ears has the effect of relieving kidney qi deficiency and treating tinnitus and earache.

winter solstice solar terms how to keep healthy

1. Tonifying the kidney and protecting Yang and balancing anti-cancer


winter solstice solar terms are solar terms with strong Yin Qi and the beginning of Yang Qi rise. Yang Qi is very important for life. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "Yang in spring and summer and Yin in autumn and winter". Therefore, the winter solstice is not a simple supplement to Yang Qi, but should pay equal attention to Yin and Yang. Don't forget to nourish Yin when replenishing Yang. In this way, we can achieve the purpose of balanced health preservation, balance yin and Yang, circulate Qi and blood, and reconcile the viscera.

2. Cold prevention, cold expelling, diet and anti-cancer

in winter, we should first maintain the Yang of the body. We can choose warm and tonic foods, such as chicken, mutton, beef, crucian carp, etc., and avoid eating cold drinks and cold food. Secondly, eating too much warm and tonic food is easy to get angry. Especially for cancer patients, there is often the phenomenon of "deficiency without tonic". Therefore, during the winter solstice, we should select appropriate tonic foods for different individuals, take tonic reasonably, and avoid affecting the function of spleen and stomach, which can play a role in health preservation.

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