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The folk custom of the winter solstice is "every family eats dumplings"

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has different influences and customs and cultural activities on the arrival of a solar term. What kind of customs and culture does the people have when the winter solstice comes every year? From which perspective can we learn about the influence of a custom inheritance in the region when the winter solstice comes?

冬至的民间风俗 有关冬至的习俗

the folk customs of the winter solstice

let's see the folk customs of the winter solstice. I hope it will be helpful!

1. Dumplings

on the winter solstice of the lunar calendar every year, dumplings are an essential holiday meal for both rich and poor. As the saying goes, "on October 1, the winter solstice comes, every family eats dumplings." this custom is left by Zhang Jingzhong, the "medical saint", who gave up medicine in memory of the winter solstice..


2. Mutton soup


are now in Tengzhou, Shandong. The winter solstice is called Fu Jiu. Before the festival, gifts such as mutton will be given to the elders. All the Fu Jiu families have to drink mutton soup, which bodes well for individuals, elders and families.

3. Glutinous rice

in Jiangnan and Guangdong, there is the custom of the whole family gathering together on the winter solstice night to eat red beans and glutinous rice, which is used to drive away epidemic ghosts, prevent disasters and get rid of diseases.

the custom of the winter solstice solar terms

1. Offering sacrifices to

the winter solstice is also known as the winter festival and the winter festival. It is one of the 24 solar terms and a traditional festival in China. There was a saying that the winter solstice is as big as a year. The court and the people have always attached great importance to it. There have been sacrificial activities since the Zhou Dynasty.

2. Ring round

ring round, also known as "winter solstice circle", is an important play and old tradition of people in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. "Round" means "Reunion", "perfection" and "roundness". Compared with Tangyuan eaten on weekdays, "winter solstice round" is not only rich in content, different forms, but also meaningful.

3. Count nine

the folk refer to the winter solstice as "jiaojiu" or "count nine", that is, from the winter solstice - · Da, every nine days as a "Nine", which is divided into nine "Nine" for a total of 9981 days. After 81 days, it enters the spring day. In 1929, I didn't go out. In 3949, I walked on the ice. In 5969, I looked at the willows along the river. In 799, the river opened. In 899, geese came. In 999 and 1919, farm cattle walked everywhere.

4. Giving shoes and hats

during the winter solstice, there is a folk custom of giving shoes. In ancient and modern China, it is said that "mandarin duck shoes were embroidered in the Han Dynasty, and Emperor Zhao ordered his aunt to go on the winter solstice." with the passage of time, the custom of giving shoes to his aunt gradually evolved into that his aunt gave shoes and hats to his nephew. In ancient times, it was hand embroidered and given to women. Shoes were mostly embroidered with flowers and birds, and hats were mostly made into Phoenix shapes; For men, shoes are embroidered with beasts, and hats are made with tigers, which means that people can ward off evil spirits.

taboo of winter solstice solar terms

1. Returning to your mother's house

in winter solstice is a custom in some areas of northern China. You can't go back to your mother's house in winter solstice. This is due to the over traditional custom of "three obediences and four virtues". The restriction of feudal ethics on daughter-in-law. In the past, the daughter-in-law would return to her mother's house after the autumn harvest, so there was the custom of returning to her mother-in-law's house at the winter solstice. Although there is no freedom in modern society if we still have to strictly abide by them, if our family pays special attention to these traditional customs, as the younger generation, we'd better discuss with our family kindly. The winter solstice is a festival of reunion, so we must not lose peace with our family.

2. Winter solstice marriage

generally speaking, it is not suitable to get married before and after the solar term. The ancients believed that the day before marriage should be avoided, that is, the day before the beginning of spring, summer, autumn, winter and the spring equinox, autumn equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice in the 24 solar terms. The cosmic gas field is in a state of chaos. In traditional customs, it is considered as the four days of extinction and four days of separation. At this time, marriage is unlucky. Usually we choose the auspicious day of marriage more carefully, so we can change to another festival.

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