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A complete collection of ancient poems on the winter solstice "the slight sun at the bottom of the well does not return, the bleak cold rain is wet and dry"

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for people, the existence of ancient poetry has a very long history and culture, and its significance in people's life is also an extraordinary situation. Then, when the winter solstice comes every year, which ancient poetry exists to describe it? Which of these classic poems are worth inheriting?

关于冬至的诗句古诗大全 经典诗句

the classic poem of the winter solstice

1. Time and personnel are urged by each day, and the winter solstice is sunny and spring comes again.

2. After the snow, the staff Chenopodium faces the Dan Valley, and the jade morning comes to disperse the purple Chen.

3. Every winter solstice in Handan post, the shadow in front of the knee lamp accompanies the body.

4. We should explore the spring dream and have walked around the Jinghu Lake.


5. He has different life plants and trees, and he will envy Gou Meng.

6. One Qi passes through the orifices first, and all things spin their heads and horns. Whoever closes will open.


7, 99, Yan Ning, river sea ice.

the ancient poem

describing the winter solstice. 1.

(song) Su Shi's

in the auspicious temple on the winter solstice day. The sun at the bottom of the well does not return, and the cold rain is wet and dry.

who is more like Sufu Zi than willing to come alone when it takes time.


in the winter solstice (Song Dynasty) Zhu Shuzhen

the yellow bell should be well regulated, the wind should be urged, the Yin should be subdued, the Yang should rise, and the Shu Qi should return.


sunflower shadow will move to the sun, and the plum blossom will open first when it is cold.


are the eight gods who show the age of Japanese Zhanhe, and six tubes of flying Jias move fine ash.


already welcome the waxy willows on the shore, and they want to lead the spring.


(Song Dynasty) "Fan Chengda"


"in Manjianghong winter solstice are born in cold Valley, fumigating leaves and blowing the valley in a jade tube.

after Xinyang, he occupied the new year, Ji Yunqing and mu.


don't wrap your mood with medicine, but add a poem axis in the preface of each festival.


laughing at strong faces and scenery is not infatuated and vulgar in the end.


keep the day long and make you sleep well.

things outside the door, when enough.


belong to the same society as tuanyi, laughing and singing.


tried to mediate Yunlu brewing and denounce plum blossom music from the beginning.

if you can't and will be drunk as a career, don't be restrained.

beautiful sentences describing the winter solstice

1. The winter solstice has arrived, and the new spring is not far away. In the blink of an eye, spring has been waiting ahead. All things in the world will be enthusiastic and unrestrained, and new hope and harvest are getting closer and closer.

2. The winter solstice is a warm Festival. It releases its charm in a unique way and language.

3. On the day of winter solstice, the clouds are light and the wind is light; The heart of the winter solstice is pure and clear; Winter solstice flowers, red and withered; The scene of the winter solstice is snow-white and the moon is bright; The feeling of winter solstice, missing constantly.

4. Standing at the window on the winter solstice, I miss people far away.

5. The dumplings of the winter solstice wrap hope, the dumplings of the winter solstice are cooked happily, the dumplings of the winter solstice bite open happiness, and the dumplings of the winter solstice are warm and sweet.

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