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How to draw the 2021 winter solstice handwritten newspaper? It's a simple and beautiful creative copy of this festival

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is a great activity to understand and publicize in the form of some handwritten newspapers when a solar term comes. Then, what way should people make a simple and beautiful handwritten newspaper when the winter solstice solar term comes in 2021? What aspects should we choose from the contents of the manual newspaper?


2021 winter solstice manuscript

1. First, let's draw the frame of the winter solstice manuscript, which can be some wavy or other shapes. 2. Draw snowmen and children playing. 3. Draw a big tree at the right border, and then draw a vertical grid. 4. Draw the topic of the manuscript. The winter solstice. 5. Draw decorations on the snow below the manuscript. 6. Finally, draw wavy lines in the blank space to write the contents of our handwritten newspaper.

winter solstice handwritten report content

we can write about the origin of the winter solstice solar terms in the handwritten report. The winter solstice was called the shortest day in ancient times. On this day, the days in all parts of the northern hemisphere are the shortest and the sun shadow is the longest. A new cycle begins from this day. Therefore, the ancients attached great importance to the winter solstice and thought it was a new beginning. The winter solstice is also commonly known as the winter festival. From this day, people should keep warm. The winter solstice is also the beginning of counting nine songs. From this day on, after ninety-nine and eighty-one days, spring will come. The winter solstice has a long history. The winter solstice is a very important festival in ancient times. Many important activities will be held on this day. There are many poems praising the winter solstice, which was regarded as a "auspicious day" by the ancients. The winter solstice festival has both historical and cultural values, which is worth exploring, and the winter solstice is the first solar term determined.

copy of the winter solstice

1. When you come to the winter solstice, the wind stops on your eyebrows.

2. The winter solstice has attracted people's attention. Since then, the days have become longer and the nights shorter. I love you forever day and night.

3. "After eating winter solstice noodles, one day is longer and one line is longer."


"4. The days are the shortest. When dumplings are put into soup, the warm nights are longer."


"5. Winter is the peak season of thought and the off-season of action."


" 6. The winter solstice is the longest night and the longest day I miss you.

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