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Reasons for eating dumplings in winter solstice in memory of ancient Zhang Zhongjing

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The impact of

winter solstice on people's life can be considered from many aspects, but why do people in many areas choose to eat dumplings on the day of winter solstice? From which aspects can we understand the reasons? Besides, are there some stories about eating dumplings on the winter solstice?

冬至要吃饺子的原因 故事

why eat dumplings in the winter solstice

the origin of eating dumplings in the winter solstice is to commemorate Zhang Zhongjing's story of

eating dumplings in the winter solstice

the origin of eating dumplings in the winter solstice solar term. The story is because the medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing resigned and returned home to treat his neighbors. When he returned home, it was winter. He was very distressed to see the frozen people. In order to help the people drive away the cold in winter, he wrapped mutton, some cold expelling herbs and pasta like ears, and made a drug called "cold expelling jiao'er soup", which was given to the people to eat and cured the people's cold ears. Later, during the winter solstice, people imitated eating and formed a custom, which has been handed down to the present.

Introduction to the winter solstice

at the earliest time, people were only the winter solstice festival. The winter solstice festival originated in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties. "Qingjialu" even said that "the winter solstice is as big as a year". This shows that the ancients attached great importance to the winter solstice. People believe that the winter solstice is a natural transformation of yin and Yang and a blessing from heaven. The Han Dynasty took the winter solstice as the "winter festival", and the government held a congratulatory ceremony called "Hedong", which was a regular holiday. It is recorded in the book of the later Han Dynasty that "before and after the winter solstice, gentlemen settle down and rest, and all officials do nothing. They don't listen to politics, choose auspicious days and then save trouble." so on this day, the court will have a holiday and rest, the army will be on standby, the frontier fortress will be closed, business travel will be closed, relatives and friends will give each other delicious food, pay homage to each other, and happily have a "settle down and rest" festival. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, the winter solstice was a day for worshipping heaven and ancestors. On this day, the emperor would go to the suburbs to hold a grand ceremony for worshipping heaven. People would worship their parents and elders on this day. Now there are still some places celebrating the winter solstice, and there are various festival customs.

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