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Where do people eat dumplings at the winter solstice? Southerners eat dumplings

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has different customs and cultures in different regions. Eating dumplings in the winter solstice solar terms is a customs and culture in the north. So what is the customs and culture of eating dumplings in the winter solstice? What is the moral of eating dumplings? Who is it to commemorate?

冬至吃汤圆是哪的人 纪念谁

where is the custom of eating Tangyuan at the winter solstice

Tangyuan means "Reunion" from the name. Eating Tangyuan at the winter solstice was first a custom in southern China and is now very popular all over the country. The materials commonly used to make dumplings, such as glutinous rice, sesame and red beans, are also warm and have a good spleen strengthening effect. The spleen and stomach are healthy, and dietary nutrition will be absorbed and utilized by the body to improve the cold resistance and disease prevention ability of the body. It is most suitable to eat in winter and improve the resistance of your body.


the origin of eating Tangyuan at the winter solstice


eating Tangyuan at the time of the winter solstice solar term in China has been established in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. On the winter solstice, we should "make flour balls" or "make glutinous rice balls". These are also officially recorded in historical materials, saying that "on the winter solstice, powdered glutinous rice is called pill, which is called 'Tangyuan'.". After making dumplings, we should worship gods and ancestors, and then eat dumplings around the family, which is called "Tim Sui". Therefore, eating glutinous rice balls at the winter solstice is ancient. Eating glutinous rice balls, an ancient poem said, "it is known that it is the winter solstice day of the Ming Dynasty to make glutinous rice balls by pounding rice at home." eating glutinous rice balls at the winter solstice is a traditional custom in China, which is particularly popular in Jiangnan. There is a saying among the people that "eating glutinous rice balls is one year older". Tangyuan is also called tangtuan. Eating tangtuan at the winter solstice is also called "winter solstice group"; Glutinous rice balls can be used to offer sacrifices to ancestors or to give gifts to relatives and friends. At the same time, they also have the meaning of reunion.

the agricultural proverb of the winter solstice solar term

1. The winter solstice is fine, the new year is rainy, the Mid Autumn Festival is rainy, and the winter solstice is fine.

2. The winter solstice is black and the Spring Festival is sparse; The winter solstice is sparse and the new year is dark.

3. At the beginning of the winter solstice, the weather is warm; In the winter solstice, the weather is cold; At the end of the winter solstice, it is cold late.

4. Winter solstice dumplings and summer solstice noodles.

5. There is no frost in the winter solstice and the Yangtze River is dry in the summer solstice.

6. Drizzle in winter solstice and flood in summer solstice.

7. There is no rain in the winter solstice, and it rains in the winter solstice.

8. There is snow in winter solstice and snow in September.

9. There is frost in the winter solstice, and wax snow is expected.

10. No rain in winter solstice and clear in winter.

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