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Why is the meaning of the winter solstice greater than that of the summer solstice

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The 24 solar terms of

have different meanings in people's life, and the impact is also different. Then, when each solar term comes every year, from which angle can we make a reasonable analysis? Why is the winter solstice more meaningful than the summer solstice to some extent?


why is the winter solstice more meaningful than the summer solstice

because people in China want to pay attention to the solar terms of the winter solstice since ancient times. Because it is cold, many people have frostbite in their ears and split their hands. Because the medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing cooked mutton in the anti cold medicine and wrapped it in their face, After curing people's frostbite, people had the custom of eating dumplings at the winter solstice. The winter solstice is not the coldest day. The winter solstice is the beginning of the coldest stage of the year. The great cold is the coldest day of the year. However, spring begins 46 days after the winter solstice, so the whole cold stage is not very long. In ancient times, the winter solstice was not only a solar term, but more importantly, people took the winter solstice as a festival to worship the ancestors and gods. There would also be street markets among the people, and the imperial court would set up this day holiday. The excitement was no less than our current Chinese New year, and the summer solstice was not so meaningful.

the custom of the summer solstice

1. The summer solstice has the custom of sacrificing gods. The summer solstice is the time of wheat harvest. Since ancient times, there has been the custom of celebrating the harvest and sacrificing ancestors at this time to pray for disaster elimination and harvest.

2. Cold food for summer vacation: people like to nourish cold food for summer vacation. Therefore, people generally drink traditional and very sweet foods such as cold soup, herbal tea and sour plum soup.


3. Eating "wheat dumplings": eating "wheat dumplings" is a custom in the south of the Yangtze River. According to the records of Wujiang County chronicles, on the summer solstice, when making wheat dumplings, the sacrifice is completed first, the payment is made. Not only do you eat "wheat dumplings", but also give "wheat dumplings" to each other as gifts.

4. Eat wonton: on the summer solstice, Wuxi people eat porridge in the morning and wonton at noon, which is chaotic and harmonious. There is a proverb that: the summer solstice wonton is the winter solstice group, and the people in Ankang get together all the year round. After eating wonton, they weigh the children, hoping that the children's weight gain will be more healthy.

5. Summer retreat: on the ancient summer solstice, women gave each other folding fans, fat powder and other things, "fans" to generate wind; "Powder fat" can be applied to prevent the turbid Qi generated by bulk heat, and can also prevent the body from producing prickly heat.

the blessing of the summer solstice

1. The summer solstice is today, and the greetings are fresh and boundless. Ruyi gongs and drums ring, happy fireworks bloom, happy sunshine shines, and auspicious sailboats set sail. May you ride the wind and waves, hang the cloud sail high, and sail smoothly to the other side of happiness.

2. When the summer solstice comes, go outside and bask in the sun. Healthy skin color is exposed to the sun, sweat sauna is steamed for you, bad luck is afraid of light, it dare not come, health and happiness come together, the bright sun is your future!

3. When the summer solstice comes, the sun pulls. Go outside and bask in it. Healthy skin color is exposed to the sun, sweat sauna is steamed for you, bad luck is afraid of light, it dare not come, sincere words jump out, healthy and happy together, the bright sun is your future!

4. When the summer solstice comes, it will freeze your worries, freeze your troubles, refrigerate your memories, warm up your love, heat up your family, and accelerate your friendship. I wish you all the best on the summer solstice, fresh and comfortable.

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