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2021 winter solstice sunrise and sunset 7:33 am and 16:53 PM

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every day, the sun will rise from the East and set from the West. This is a natural law and an eternal law. Then, when the winter solstice comes in 2021, we should understand the changes in each day. Especially on the day of the winter solstice, when will the sun rise from the East and set from the west?


the sunrise time and sunset time of the 2021 winter solstice

the winter solstice day is December 21. The sunrise time of the winter solstice is 7:33 a.m. and the sunset time is 16:53 p.m.

the blessing words of the winter solstice

"winter solstice" to, true feelings to, love to, care to, warmth to, dumplings to, tangyuan to, happiness to, good luck to, auspicious to. SMS to, blessing to, may you be happy and invincible!

the winter solstice comes, the temperature drops and the cold wind comes again and again. Deep friendship has been cherished. Decorate your dreams with a smile. Blessings come quietly and remind you to add clothes. Snowflakes fly and dance. May your happiness never fall behind!


the winter solstice is coming. I made a good shape for blessing. I permed happiness, made happiness soft, dyed health color, painted an eyebrow for luck, and powdered missing. In short, everyone is very satisfied and is willing to take care of you for me. In return, you can spend the winter safely.


the food legend of the winter solstice


the time of the winter solstice is just in the cold winter season. People use food to keep warm and treat diseases. After thousands of years of development, a unique tradition of seasonal food has gradually formed, such as wonton, dumplings, glutinous rice balls, red bean porridge, dog meat, mutton and so on. With the winter solstice food customs, there are many Han folk legends. Henan people have the custom of eating dumplings at the winter solstice, which is called "pinching frozen ears". There is also a legend: it is said that Zhang Zhongjing, the medical saint of Nanyang, used to be a medical officer. It is suitable for snowy winter when he returns home. He saw that the villagers in Nanyang were suffering from cold and hunger, and many people's ears were frozen and rotten. So he asked his disciples to set up a medical shed in Guandong, Nanyang. They cooked mutton, pepper and some cold expelling herbs in a pot, took them out and chopped them, kneaded them into ears with dough bags, and then cooked them in a pot to make "cold expelling and ear correcting soup" for the villagers to eat. After the villagers took it, the frozen rotten ears were cured. Later, during the winter solstice, people imitated this kind of "pinching frozen ears" to eat, saying that if they ate dumplings at the winter solstice, they would not freeze people's ears.

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