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What are the three seasons of the winter solstice

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Every custom and culture of

not only brings a kind of inheritance, but also contains its legends. When did the custom of eating dumplings prevail in the winter solstice? What is the expression of a feeling? Both should be understood.


the origin of eating dumplings at the winter solstice story

there is a custom of eating dumplings at the winter solstice in northern China, which is called "pinching frozen ears". There is also a legend: it is said that Zhang Zhongjing, the medical saint of Nanyang, used to be a medical officer. It is suitable for snowy winter when he returns home. He saw that the villagers in Nanyang were suffering from cold and hunger, and many people's ears were frozen and rotten. So he asked his disciples to set up a medical shed in Guandong, Nanyang. They cooked mutton, pepper and some cold expelling herbs in a pot, took them out and chopped them, kneaded them into ears with dough bags, and then cooked them in a pot to make "cold expelling and ear correcting soup" for the villagers. Therefore, the custom of eating dumplings on the winter solstice has been handed down.

the origin of eating dog meat on the winter solstice

the custom of eating dog meat on the day of the winter solstice spread from the Han Dynasty. It is said that Liu Bang, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, ate the dog meat cooked by fan Kuai on the winter solstice. He thought it was very delicious, and he was hot and sweating on his head. So he praised it as good to eat dog meat on the winter solstice. Dog meat is hot. Eating it in winter can really warm up and strengthen yang. Since then, the custom of eating dog meat on the winter solstice has been formed among the Han people. After the winter solstice, the weather enters the coldest period. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dog meat and mutton have the effect of strengthening yang and complement. During the winter solstice cold season, eat dog meat and mutton and all kinds of nourishing foods to replenish the body, so as to be energetic, strong and healthy in the coming year and not be infected with diseases. However, when eating dog meat, you should also pay attention not to eat unhealthy dogs.

what are the three seasons of the winter solstice

the three seasons of the winter solstice are earthworm knots respectively; Second, waiting for elk angle solution; Wait for the spring to move. "It is said that earthworms are creatures that bend Yin and stretch Yang. At this time, although Yang Qi has grown, Yin Qi is still very strong, and earthworms in the soil are still curled up. The ancients thought that Elk's horns are backward, so it is Yin. When the winter solstice comes, elk feels that Yin Qi gradually recedes and dissolves its horns. Because Yang Qi is first born, the spring in the mountain can flow and warm, so it becomes a hot spring."

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