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What festival is the ancient winter solstice to commemorate Zhang Zhongjing

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has many solar terms and historical meanings, which are inherited from ancient times. What does the winter solstice mean in ancient times? Is it one of the 24 solar terms? Generally speaking, there must be differences between ancient times and modern times, so we should understand the meaning and function of the ancient winter solstice.

古代冬至是什么节日 作用

what is the ancient winter solstice

the winter solstice was also called in ancient times, such as short solstice, winter festival, sub year old and winter worship. It has two connotations of nature and humanity. It is not only an important solar term in the 24 solar terms, but also a traditional festival among Chinese people. The winter solstice is one of the four seasons and eight festivals. It is regarded as a big festival in winter. There was a saying "the winter solstice is as big as a year" among the ancient people, so the ancients called the winter solstice "sub year old" or "small year". The winter solstice custom has different contents or details due to different regions. In some coastal areas of southern China, there are the customs of offering sacrifices to ancestors and feasting during the winter solstice; In northern China, there is a custom of eating dumplings on the winter solstice every year. It is also said that it is to commemorate Zhang Zhongjing.

an ancient poem describing the solar terms of the winter solstice

song · Zhong and

ash flying bamboo. Qingqun Yin disappears, and new Yang comes and goes. The clouds are auspicious, even the auspicious mist, and the smoke is fragrant one after another.


are purple streets and fragrant thoroughfares. In the shadow of Zhu eaves, Luo Qi flowers are clustered. Ling Mei is startled and warm, and several branches compete to bloom cold jade.


some people curl up and make up for me today. She leans on the silver bed and adds embroidery thread. She likes to trim her eyebrows and relax her green.


are not affectionate. It's rare to have enough fun. Who knows, tonight, the jade pot and silver leak urge.

Xinyou winter solstice

song · Luyou


today, our door is silent.


families are poor, light holidays, old and timid.


are all worshipped after sacrifice, and they sleep alone early.


should only explore the spring dream, which has been around the Jinghu Lake.


cut plum, winter solstice


song, Cheng Long


were full of twists and turns. In the sound of the jade law, it reports the new Yang again. Get up and hide. Only like the world, a line grows.


curtains hang on the semi moon corridor. Festival mood, pay pepper wine. The years are getting late and the temples are gray. Don't think hard about your achievements and fame outside your body.

the wind blows into the pine · winter solstice

song · Li Congzhou

the frost wind makes the winter sunny all night. A thousand gates at dawn. Xiangjia warm through the yellow bell tube, zhengyutai, colored pen book cloud.


the south branch outside the bamboo means early, and the flowers bloom to the clear bottle.

girlfriends laugh lightly. Tired embroidery stops stitching. A line of tiles adds red scenery, looking at the Spring Festival from now on.


where the cold food meets, there are five hundred dusks.

life precautions of winter solstice solar terms

first of all, in the winter solstice, it is not suitable for strenuous exercise. For example, if you exercise too much, your body is sweating, your pores are open, and Yang Qi is easy to leak out from your skin. Human skin is like leaves. Sweating in summer reduces body temperature and helps human body detoxify. In winter, it should be closed like a pine needle, which is conducive to closed storage. Therefore, in the internal classic, it is said that "in winter and March, this is closed Tibet. The water and ice crack, without disturbing the Yang,... To get rid of the cold, it will be warm, without releasing the skin,... The response of this winter Qi is the way to raise Tibet". It's not that you don't exercise at all. You should fully warm up before activities, mainly exercise with moderate intensity, and let the body heat or sweat slightly. For example, yoga and jogging are more appropriate. Also pay attention to the use of air conditioning. Don't use indoor air conditioning too much because of the cold, otherwise it's easy to get sick.

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