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What is the meaning of the light snow solar term

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when a solar term comes, people first need to pay attention to the weather changes and life impact brought by this solar term. From which perspective is it most appropriate to understand it? Then when the light snow solar term comes, people need to avoid, what aspects need to be paid attention to, and what aspects are the best?

小雪节气的含义是什么 小雪节气禁忌

the meaning of the light snow solar term

the time of the light snow solar term is on November 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year, and the sun reaches 240 ° of the Yellow meridian. Light snow indicates the starting time and degree of snow. Like rain, grain rain and other solar terms, it is a solar term that directly reflects precipitation.   In ancient China, light snow was divided into three periods: "first, the rainbow is hidden; second, the weather rises and the earth's atmosphere drops; third, the earth is blocked into winter." entering this solar term, the northwest wind in vast areas of China began to become a regular visitor, and the temperature dropped gradually below 0 ℃, but the earth is not too cold. Although it began to snow, the amount of snow was small, so it was called light snow. At this time, Yin Qi drops and Yang Qi rises, resulting in the impassability of heaven and earth, the non intersection of yin and Yang, the loss of vitality of all things, and the occlusion of heaven and earth into severe winter. The first snow will appear in the north of the Yellow River, which reminds people that it is time to keep warm from the cold. It is also a cold season in the south.

the custom of the light snow solar term

1. "Marinate in the wind in winter and store it to resist the winter"

the custom of "marinate in the wind in winter and store it to resist the winter" is popular in China. In the light snow season, the temperature drops sharply and the weather becomes dry. It is a good time to process bacon. Some farmers began to make sausages and bacon, store the surplus meat in traditional methods, and enjoy delicious food at the Spring Festival. Many places have the custom of eating bacon in winter, especially in southern cities. Guangzhou people like to make preserved radish cake, boiled taro and fried honey beans with preserved sausage.

2. Eating Ciba

in some places in the south, there is also the custom of eating Ciba in October of the lunar calendar. Ciba is a kind of food made by steaming and mashing glutinous rice. It is a popular food in some areas of southern China. In ancient times, Ciba was a traditional festival sacrifice in southern China. It was first used by farmers to sacrifice cattle gods. As the saying goes, "in October Dynasty, Ciba Lu was burned", which refers to the sacrificial event.

3. Drying fish

during light snow, fishermen in the South Central Coast will start drying fish and storing dry food. Cuttlefish will come to the Strait before and after the light snow. In addition, there are swordfish, sand fish and so on. As the saying goes: October beans are too fat to see the head, which means that in the cloth bag area of Jiayi County, you can catch "bean fish" in October of the lunar calendar, so there will be the custom of drying fish.

taboo of light snow solar term

1. Avoid no snow

according to the ancient books in China, "light snow is cold, and the snow is not even heavy." that is to say, due to the cold weather, the precipitation form of light snow solar term changes from rain to snow, but at this time, due to the "lack of ground cold", the amount of snow is not large, so it is called "light snow" 。 But light snow taboo days do not snow. The agricultural proverb says, "there is no snow in the light snow, come to the old worker to rest". It means that it hasn't snowed in the light snow solar term. Winter wheat in northern China may be short of water and drought, and diseases and pests are easy to overwinter, affecting the growth and development of wheat and causing poor harvest, so there is no need to hire long-term workers. Folk also have "little cold and great cold do not snow, little summer and great summer fields crack", which also explains the truth of "auspicious snow heralds bumper years" from another angle.

2. Do not close the door

citizens who often work indoors do not forget to open windows properly for ventilation, so as to maintain indoor air circulation and humidity and keep away from dryness and influenza. In winter, people are often most concerned about the indoor temperature, while ignoring the indoor ventilation and humidity. The room temperature is too high and the humidity is too low, which will also cause physical discomfort and disease. For indoor moisturizing in winter, in addition to sprinkling some water on the ground every day or mopping the floor with a wet mop to increase humidity, you can also put a basin of water near the heat dissipation facilities to let the water evaporate slowly to keep the indoor air moist. In addition, raising a few pots of flowers and plants in the room or buying a humidifier can also adjust the indoor humidity, so that the living room can maintain a good air environment.

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