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24 solar terms Xiaoxue poems about Xiaoxue solar terms

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The 24 solar terms of

have different influences and meanings. When Xiaoxue solar term, one of the 24 solar terms, comes, are there some beautiful poems to describe him? If we can understand it, the analysis of light snow solar terms can also be further developed.

二十四节气小雪 关于小雪节气的诗句

the poem of the light snow solar term

in the quatrains of the drama on the light snow day

Tang zhangdeng's

Jia Zi pushed the light snow day, and the thorn Wu was still green with hibiscus flowers.


are integrated and maintained for a long time, but the rain and dew in Yanzhou are partial.


in Ciyun Zhang's secret school happy snow


in the Northern Song Dynasty, Huang Tingjian's


are all over the city. The jade appendix in the building view is dry, and it is not cold when the light snow is sunny.


moisten bamboo roots, fat wax bamboo shoots, warm open vegetables and help spring plate.


have many things in front of them, few sightseeing tours, worry free chest and wide drinking capacity.


smell that the sand pear has moved and will whip the horse to spoil the mud.

can Ju

Qing · Cao Xueqin's

dew condensation frost gradually tilted, and the banquet was just over the light snow.


have lingering fragrance, gold is indifferent, and the branches have no green leaves.

half bed falling moon sound disease, thousands of miles of cold cloud geese array late.


the autumn wind knows goodbye tomorrow. Break up temporarily and don't miss each other.

the blessing words of the light snow solar term

1. Melt the ice and snow with enthusiasm and stop the north wind with sincerity. Years are like sand and light snow is like flowers. I wrap the happy sunshine in the radio wave, let the happy blessing get into your heart, warm your winter and beautiful your mood.

2. The snowflakes have slowly drifted down, but the heart is still warm. The numerous light snow leaves shallow footprints. Love comes quietly like snow, warm and happy. I wish you a good mood in the light snow season.

3. Snow flowers are the starting point of the light snow solar term. Cooling is the focus of this time. Cold prevention should be more and life should be happier. My blessings have many points, which contain missing. I wish you happiness all winter.

copy of the light snow solar term

1. Live up to your time, live up to yourself, be loved, and love.

2. I want to overflow joy in every ordinary day.

3. The wandering moon and dense stars came late.

4. The sky is like ink and smoke. Along the light, we find the road in twists and turns.

5. I don't need advice or approval. It's worth it if I like it.

6. People are just a moment, and love is an eternal possibility.

7. I hope there is no need for specific festivals and I can have peace and joy every day.

8. Have happiness and love.

9. This calm day without wrinkles is also shining.

10. One side is sunlight and the other side is fruity.

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