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What does Xiaoxue wear

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when the light snow solar term comes, as the name suggests, it means that the weather gradually becomes cold. So in this solar term, what kind of clothes will people wear to achieve the best state, so as to meet people's living needs? And when the light snow solar term comes, what kind of copywriting is most suitable for this kind of weather change?

小雪节气文案 小雪节气穿什么衣服

copy of the light snow solar term

1. Look forward to a news of the first snow, which is probably the happiest expectation of this winter.

2. In the scattered overcast wind, the ends of the world can't be loosened, and Pu Shi stays at


for a while. 3. Come to the sky in the evening for snow, and you can have a cup of nothing.

4. The Internet world is full of wind and snow, and the future security journey will be more than

5. Blocking into winter

6. You protect the world, I'll protect your external

7. Winter wax and wind marinate, store to resist the winter, and delicious food makes the days look forward to more.

8. It's cold in winter. I think it's only you who are warm.

9. Is the person who watches the snow with you coming?

10. The ups and downs of personnel are as sudden as sending. In spring and snow, you meet a bosom friend

. The dressing of

in the light snow solar term. When the temperature of the light snow solar term is very low, the climate characteristics in winter become more and more obvious. There is often strong wind in winter in the north. Generally, there is more northwest wind. The greater the wind, the lower the temperature. Due to the pressure of the wind, a large amount of air can penetrate into the clothes and destroy the static air at the lower layer of the clothes, so that the close fitting clothes become cold. When the wind force is level 5, the thermal insulation value of clothing is about twice that when the wind force is level 1 ~ 3. Therefore, the fabric of winter coat should be dense and poor air permeability. Therefore, under the condition of the same thickness, the wool braided jacket is only suitable for indoor or windless conditions, rather than outdoor because of its large gap and poor windproof performance. Winter clothes should be worn in multiple layers. This is not only convenient to increase or decrease clothes under different indoor and outdoor temperatures, but also has good warmth retention. Children and teenagers are easy to sweat due to their liveliness and large amount of exercise. Multi layer clothing can increase or decrease clothes at any time, which is conducive to preventing colds and enhancing their resistance.

how to keep warm in the light snow solar term

1. The light snow solar term keeps warm from the cold. Drink hot water

because the light snow solar term is in winter, the climate is relatively dry, so people's skin and heart will be abnormally dry. Therefore, drinking water is particularly important, even more important than summer. However, it should be noted that drinking water should be mixed with hot water as much as possible. If it is not necessary, you must drink less or do not drink cold water, especially women, otherwise it is easy to cause deficiency and cold of spleen and stomach.

2. Pay attention to Qi supplement in keeping warm during the light snow solar term

people with insufficient kidney qi usually feel cold hands and feet in this season, which is caused by insufficient Qi. Therefore, during this period, you can pay attention to Qi supplement. You can eat more black foods, such as black beans, black sesame, medlar, mutton, etc. and soak your feet before going to bed every night, When soaking your feet, you can put some pepper or ginger, which can effectively keep warm from the cold, and soaking your feet in this way is also very good for health preservation and can maintain your dirty.

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