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The origin of Xiaoxue's 24 solar terms

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

although it is said that the 24 solar terms exist in order, people also need to know how to calculate the arrival time of the light snow solar term in the process of development every year? Because in this case, we can meet our needs for life and plan what will happen in the future.

小雪二十四节气 节气小雪是哪天

the time of the light snow solar term in 2021

the beginning of winter in 2021: November 7, 12:58:37, the third day of October (small) in the lunar calendar in 2021.

light snow time in 2021: November 22, 10:33:34, October (small) 18th of the lunar calendar in 2021.

heavy snow time in 2021: December 7, 05:56:55, the fourth day of November (lunar calendar) in 2021.

origin of the light snow solar term

from the current scientific point of view, it is the "light snow" solar term from the first day of each year to October of the lunar calendar, before and after November 22 of the Gregorian calendar, when the sun reaches 240 degrees of the Yellow meridian. In other words, the reflection of the natural phenomenon "Snow" on the regularity of solar terms is also prominent, that is, after the "beginning of winter" solar term every year, October of the lunar calendar and November of the Gregorian calendar begin to enter the snowfall season, and the snowfall is divided into different sizes. After the beginning of winter every year, there will be less snow, so it is called light snow solar term.

circle of friends copy of the light snow solar term

1. When the light snow season comes, the snowflakes float all over the sky, and the thoughts are sprinkled in the dream. The feelings follow closely. Years are like running water. Greetings are warm, blessings are like sunshine, warm your heart. I wish you good health and happiness! Happiness is always with you!

2. The wind is rolling, and yellow leaves fall off the branches, sending happiness to worry; The snow is light, the rivers and mountains are white as jade, happiness comes and suffering goes; People are happy, wine in hand, enjoy the snow scenery, and enjoy a happy life. When light snow arrives, enjoy the winter scenery, have a happy mood, keep healthy and enjoy a happy time!

3. It's snowing. I think of you. Greetings are coming. The weather is cold and the temperature is low. It's time to add clothes, prevent colds, have a great body, live a beautiful life, be in a good mood and everything is going well. I wish Xiaoxue happy.

4. In light snow season, the weather is not too cold, but people are well dressed. The heat in the body is not easy to emit. You should drink more soup, porridge and water, which can clear fire, reduce Qi and nourish body fluid.

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