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What solar term is light snow? It's a healthy food in light snow season

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We should understand the impact of each solar term of

on life from multiple angles. What kind of solar term does light snow represent? What kind of situation is the impact in life? From which aspects can we better understand the story of the existence of the light snow solar term?

小雪是什么节气 小雪节气的故事

what is the solar term

there is a folk saying that light snow is cold and will snow, and the ground is not cold and even the snow is not heavy. "It means that from today on, the weather will gradually become cold and the form of precipitation will change from rain to snow. Because it has just become cold and the snow is not too heavy, it is called light snow. Light snow is also a solar term indicating precipitation."


"the story of light snow solar term"


" It is said that during the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, Wu Zixu, the Minister of the state of Chu, defected to the state of Wu to avenge his father and wanted to borrow troops from the state of Wu to fight against the state of Chu. He came to the state of Wu to help King Helu settle down and become a meritorious Minister of the state of Wu. Gou Jian of the state of Yue took the opportunity to raise troops against Wu and surrounded the capital of the state of Wu. At that time, it was the end of the year. It was cold and the people in the city cut off food The country and people were indeed in danger. At this time of crisis, people remembered Wu Zixu's instructions before his death, so they secretly demolished the city wall and dug the ground. People were surprised to find that the city foundation was made of bricks pressed with cooked glutinous rice. It turned out that this was the grain reserved as the cornerstone of the city wall when Wu Zixu steamed and pressed a large number of glutinous rice into bricks to cool down. People Wu Zixu had foresight! Everyone picked up glutinous rice bricks and stones, smashed them, cooked them again and ate them separately. Later, in Chutian area, people used glutinous rice to make Ciba like "city bricks" at the end of the bumper year to commemorate Wu Zixu, so it has spread to the present.


are the health food

in the light snow solar term "

" In terms of diet, we should eat more foods with high calories and the effect of strengthening brain and blood circulation, such as mutton, beef, milk and fish, and drink some tea, coffee and other drinks appropriately. According to experts, some black food is actually a better choice in the light snow season. There are many kinds of black food mentioned above, including black fungus, black sesame, even loach, eel and so on. They are all foods that can quickly restore your body's calories.

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