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24 solar terms: the origin of the light snow solar term

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people actually want to know what may happen in their life in advance, so that they can make sufficient preparations to prevent some unexpected situations. So what aspects should we understand and analyze the historical origin of the light snow solar term, one of the 24 solar terms, is the most suitable way?

24节气之小雪 小雪节气的由来

the origin of the light snow solar term

the light snow solar term in China is on November 23 and 24 every year. "The collection of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar": "in mid October, when it rains, it is thin by the cold, so it condenses into snow. If it is small, it is not full." the weather is cold, and the form of precipitation changes from rain to snow, but the amount of snow is not large, so it is called light snow. It is often half ice and half melting, or it melts immediately after falling to the ground, which is called "wet snow" in meteorology; Sometimes rain and snow fall together, called "sleet", and the weather will get colder and colder.

the blessings of the light snow solar term

1. Snowflakes are six petals, one happy, one happy, one healthy, one safe, one happy and one happy. Here comes light snow. May this six petal snow flower bring you sweetness and bloom your beautiful face every day!

2. Snow falls from the sky, white flowers fall, fall slowly, and fall to the ground; You, meet occasionally, make friends sincerely, get along deeply, and stay forever. Today's light snow solar term, I wish you always pay attention to the weather and care for your body. I wish you good luck.

3. Heart to heart, no matter how far away it is, it is also close; Learn to be content, no matter how bitter life is, it is also sweet; Some people think that the colder winter is also warm. In light snow season, take care of your body and keep in touch when you are empty! Remember to be happy!


4. Light snow falls in pairs on the same day. On November 22, the blessing is long, 1 sail is smooth, the future is broad, 1 Ma Pingchuan has a brilliant industry, 2 enjoy happiness without saying anything, and 2 dragons play with beads in a bright mood. Wish: good luck in pairs, Xiaoxue happy and auspicious!

the agricultural proverb of the light snow solar term

1. If light snow doesn't cut vegetables, it must be harmful.

2. Farmyard fertilizer has complete nutrients. It is applied for one season and strong for one year.

3. Wheat is prosperous in winter and not in spring.

4. Light snow point green rice.

5. The ground is not frozen and the plow is not stopped.

6. We should plant good fields, not too much shit.

7. There is no snow in light snow and heavy snow. We are busy killing insects in the coming year.

8. There are three white in winter, which is a good year.

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