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The origin of the solar term Xiaoxue comes from the records of the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the moon

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Every solar term of

has its historical origin, as well as its influence and change on life. When the light snow solar term comes, from which perspective can we better pay attention to its historical origin? Especially in the light snow solar term, we can also learn about the description of the light snow solar term in some of his ancient poems.

节气小雪的由来 小雪节气古诗

the origin of the light snow solar term

from a more scientific point of view, female is called the "light snow" solar term from the first day of each year to October of the lunar calendar, before and after November 22 of the Gregorian calendar, when the sun reaches 240 degrees of the Yellow meridian. In other words, the reflection of the natural phenomenon "Snow" on the regularity of solar terms is also prominent, that is, after the "beginning of winter" solar term every year, October of the lunar calendar and November of the Gregorian calendar begin to enter the snowfall season, and the snowfall is divided into different sizes. After the beginning of winter every year, there will be less snow, so it is called light snow.

the ancient poem

describing the solar term of light snow

in "light snow" song · Shi Shanzhen

the cloud is dark, the graupel point is small, and the window door of Su Su is smelled.


are most worried about the barking of North and South dogs and fear that the north wind will retreat.


dream brocade can be cut well, and the sideburns can be woven into cold clothes.


hold the furnace, sleep and think hard, and call the plum blossom to solve the encirclement.

Tang zhangdeng's

in the last quatrains of the drama on a light snow day. Jiazi pushed the snow, and the thorn was as green as a hibiscus flower.


are integrated and maintained for a long time, but the rain and dew in Yanzhou are partial.


in Ciyun Zhang's secret school happy snow


in the Northern Song Dynasty, Huang Tingjian's


are all over the city. The jade appendix in the building view is dry, and it is not cold when the light snow is sunny.


moisten bamboo roots, fat wax bamboo shoots, warm open vegetables and help spring plate.


have many things in front of them, few sightseeing tours, worry free chest and wide drinking capacity.


smell that the sand pear has moved and will whip the horse to spoil the mud.

can Ju

Qing · Cao Xueqin's

dew condensation frost gradually tilted, and the banquet was just over the light snow.


have lingering fragrance, gold is indifferent, and the branches have no green leaves.

half bed falling moon sound disease, thousands of miles of cold cloud geese array late.


the autumn wind knows goodbye tomorrow. Break up temporarily and don't miss each other.

the blessing words of the light snow solar term

1. Light snow is coming in front of us, and raindrops and snow fall on the earth. The cold wind blows dry the face, and the health preservation method is experienced. Fruit banana is the first choice, fragrant, moist and sweet. It's good to eat more cabbage. A cup of soybean milk moistens your heart!

2. When the light snow solar term arrives, I quietly send my warm wishes! I wish you good health and no illness; Second, I wish you success in your career and make a lot of money; Third, I wish you a happy family and a smile; Fourth, I wish you a happy mood and no trouble; Fifth, I wish you good luck and good luck; I wish you a cold winter and don't catch a cold! May you be happy all winter!

3. In the light snow solar term, the weather turns cool and the temperature drops. Even if it cools everything, it can not cool the friendship of friends; The flowers are falling, the leaves are yellow, autumn is gone, and your fate is still there. Blessings sent to my care.

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