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Which day is the light snow solar term suitable for eating

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Every solar term of

has some choices in terms of specific time. When the light snow solar term comes, which day will it be? This is what people should calculate. In addition, when the light snow solar term comes, what kind of food people choose to eat is the most suitable method and judgment?

小雪节气是哪天 小雪节气适合吃的

the time of light snow solar term

the time of light snow solar term is on November 22 or 23 every year. When the sun reaches 240 ° of the Yellow meridian, it is called light snow solar term. The arrival of light snow solar term means that we have reached winter, which is a reminder that people should keep warm from the cold. The light snow solar term is the twentieth of the twenty-four solar terms. In ancient China, light snow was divided into three periods: "first, the rainbow is hidden; second, the weather rises and the earth's atmosphere drops; and third, the winter is blocked. This sentence means that we have completely entered the cold winter, and the weather will continue to get cold."


"what is the light snow solar term suitable for"


1. When it comes to light snow season, it is more suitable to eat warm and tonic foods, such as mutton stewed mushroom / beef stewed tomato / steamed bass / Stewed black chicken, etc. warm and tonic cold prevention is very good.

"2. The post-treatment of the light snow solar term is very important. You can eat more mulberry and black beans, which is very helpful to supplement protein, vitamins, trace elements and calcium and iron needed by the body, alleviate atherosclerosis, and health."


"copy of the circle of friends of the light snow solar term"


“ 1. When light snow arrives, snowflakes float and fall, sorrow and trouble, cold current arrives, cold wind blows, blows away fatigue and trouble, plum blossoms bloom, honey pomelo yellow, send blessings and auspiciousness, protect your body, nourish frequently, and wish you happiness and eternal health!

2. The winter jasmine is the herald of spring; the peony is the smile of summer; the golden chrysanthemum is the harvest of autumn; the small snowflake is the arrival of winter; when the light snow comes, the weather is cold, pay attention to keep warm, and wish the light snow happy!

3. When light snow arrives, it is getting colder and colder. Text message greetings: turn the distance between different time and space into flying snowflakes, and sprinkle them on your side warmly: happy light snow! Pay attention to keeping warm, save this message and harvest care.

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