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What does light snow do

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The influence of each solar term of

on people's life is a very important situation, so what aspects should light snow solar term know its historical origin? And what do people usually do when the light snow solar term comes? Is the impact of such things on life positive?

节气小雪的来历 小雪节气做什么

the origin of the light snow solar term

after the arrival of the "light snow solar term" in China, the northern part of southern China began to enter winter. "The lotus has no rain cover, and the chrysanthemum remains still with frost branches", which has taken on the appearance of early winter. Because there are Qinling Mountains and Daba mountain barriers in the north to block the invasion of cold air, which has reduced the severity of the cold wave, resulting in "South China" Winter is "significantly warm". The number of snowfall days throughout the year is mostly less than 5 days, much less than that in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River at the same latitude. There are few opportunities for snowfall before heavy snow. Even in the middle of winter, it is rare to see the charming scenery of "thousands of pear blossoms". Because the temperature in South China is often above 0 ℃, it can not be preserved after snowfall several times.

1. Pickles and reserved winter vegetables

In the past, agriculture was not so developed, there were no out of season vegetables, and all the ingredients were seasonal. Fresh vegetables could be eaten in spring, summer and autumn. In winter, it was cold and cold, so it was impossible to grow vegetables, so we had to store them in advance. Storage resistant vegetables such as potatoes, Chinese cabbage, radish and onion became the main dish on the winter table.

In addition, people also pickle all kinds of pickles for winter consumption.

2. Pickled bacon and sausage

After the light snow solar term, the temperature drops rapidly and the weather is relatively dry, which is a good time to process bacon. Many farmers begin to kill pigs and make sausages and bacon for long-term storage on the one hand and for consumption during the new year on the other. As the saying goes, "light snow and snow will cover the sky, and the next year will be a good year "Maybe the heavy snow in the northeast and northwest is already heralding a bumper harvest in the coming year."


"health precautions for the light snow solar term"


"1. Drink a bowl of hot porridge or hot soup"


"before eating The light snow solar term is very cold. At this time, drinking a bowl of hot porridge will not only make the body feel warm immediately, but also warm the intestines and stomach, awaken the digestive system and promote appetite. In addition, in winter, the climate is dry, you should supplement water, and drinking porridge can also make you drink a lot of water unconsciously. In addition to hot porridge, drinking a bowl of hot soup with less oil and salt before dinner is also a good choice.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins


"In winter, the body's vitamin metabolism is faster than that in other seasons, so it is particularly important to eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins in winter. For example, spinach and carrots rich in vitamin A can enhance our cold resistance; tomatoes and oranges rich in vitamin C have good antioxidant and vascular protection, and are helpful to cardiovascular diseases,"

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