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The solar term of light snow the temperature of the solar term of light snow in the South

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How can

keep their body healthy and free from the influence of the weather is a very important thing. Then, when the light snow solar term comes, why does traditional Chinese medicine recommend foot soaking? When the active man's light snow solar term comes, the temperature will change. Will it continue to rise or decline?

小雪的节气中医泡脚 南方小雪节气的气温

the role of foot soaking in traditional Chinese medicine during the light snow solar term

if you want to enhance your physique, immunity and cold resistance during the light snow solar term. First of all, to ensure adequate sleep. In winter, you should go to bed early and get up late. You'd better rest no later than 22 o'clock. If you don't rest at more than 1 o'clock, people's immunity is easy to decline. In addition, the temperature drops significantly after the light snow solar term, and it is easier to get sick if you rest too late. Soak your feet with hot water every night. Soaking your feet with hot water can stimulate plantar acupoints, or take time to do warm foot exercises, increase the strength of waist and legs, promote the blood circulation of lower limbs, prevent frostbite, improve the cold resistance of the body and effectively improve your own resistance.

light snow solar term the temperature in the South

light snow solar term is lower than that at the beginning of winter. The light snow solar term means that there will be snow in North China. The cold air makes the temperature in most parts of northern China gradually reach below 0 ℃.

the average initial snow period in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River is basically consistent with the light snow festival. Although it begins to snow, the amount of snow is generally small, frozen at night and thawed at day. If the cold air force is strong and the warm moisture flow is more active, it may also snow heavily;

the northern part of the southern region began to enter winter. "The lotus has no rain cover, and the chrysanthemum residue still has proud frost branches", which has shown the scene of early winter.


however, the temperature in South China is still low or high, which has not reached the winter standard. The lowest temperature is more than 15 degrees and the highest temperature is still about 23 degrees. For details, please refer to the following temperature in Hainan in November:

the average temperature in Hainan in November is 13 ℃ ~ 23 ℃, the weather is cold, and the average temperature during the day is 23 ℃. It is recommended to wear warm clothes such as suits, jackets, windbreaker, casual clothes, jackets, suits and thin sweaters. The average temperature of


at night is 13 ℃. It is recommended to wear warm clothes such as windbreaker, overcoat, jacket, sweater, wool suit, suit and cold proof clothes to effectively ensure your body temperature and avoid wind cold infection.

the blessing words of the light snow solar term

1. The light snow solar term sends you beautiful snowflakes. May your career be full of "flowers", add "flowers" to the future brocade, have a bright mood like "flowers", cluster "flowers" in the life brocade, good luck step Lotus "flowers", and love fire tree silver "flowers"!

2. Little snow song: after the beginning of winter, the little snow rose, and my brother was flustered; Don't be busy in cold weather. Mm hasn't added clothes yet; When the snow is deep, there is no place to hide. It's better to hide in my heart and hug my sister for the winter!

3. Here comes Xiaoxue. I have several important tasks for you. First, eat well, second, sleep well, third, play well, and fourth, keep in a good mood. In addition, the weather is getting colder and colder. Pay attention to cold prevention and warmth. I don't tell ordinary people, hehe!

4. Light snow is coming, the weather is cold, my greetings are coming, and your heart can be warm. Add clothes quickly, otherwise it will be frozen! Wish Xiaoxue solar term happy and healthy!

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