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Three or nine days wearing a skirt

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Will the activity of

wearing skirts for three or nine days continue? In fact, this is closely related to the changes in the weather, because people need to know what three or nine days mean before they can determine the impact and performance of wearing skirts in this weather.


wear a skirt three or nine days. The next sentence

wear a skirt three or nine days ---- beautiful and moving;




in China, there are such ballads: "no action in 1929, walk on the ice in 3949, look at the willows along the river in 5969, the river opens in 799, swallow comes in 1989, nine returns to one, and plowing cattle walk everywhere." it means that hands and feet are frozen on the 1st-18th day after the winter solstice, and the 19th-36th day is the coldest period of the year, The river is frozen, the river is closed, and you can walk on thick icebergs; During the 18 days from day 37 to 54, the weather gradually warmed up and the willows along the river sprouted; From day 55 to 63, the ice in the river began to thaw; On days 64-72, swallows began to migrate from the south to the north in large numbers; On the 73-81 days, the farmer uncle began to prepare for spring ploughing. The weather was completely warm and, so the 39 days in China was the coldest time.


there are two methods for calculating the three or nine cold days in China. The first is from the date of the winter solstice (the first day after the winter solstice is called "jiaojiu", which means the beginning of cold), every nine days is a "Nine", the first nine days are called "Nineteen", the second nine days are called "twenty-nine", and so on, Until "99", that is, until the ninth nine days count to 9981 days. At this time, "nine peach blossoms bloom" and "the sun is warm in late spring". As the folk saying goes, "three gengs fall in the summer solstice, and nine in the winter solstice.". The correct algorithm of


and "count nine" is from the first union day after the winter solstice. Therefore, the specific date of "Nine" in each year is not fixed, which depends on the day of the first union day after the winter solstice. Another mistake is that "counting nine" starts from the winter solstice. From the winter solstice, the specific time of "Nine" is fixed every year. Each "Nine" is fixed on the 9th, 18th and 27th day after the winter solstice... In some places, counting nine cold days starts from the winter solstice. In some cold areas, the temperature in winter and spring is below zero degrees Celsius for a long time, and the change of cold and warm in cold days is not obvious. There is no big difference between the morning and evening of jiaojiu and the temperature of several degrees Celsius. In order to count nine cold days conveniently, it is generally calculated from the winter solstice, that is, the day of the winter solstice is called "jiaojiu", and every nine days is "19", and so on, until the end of 1999.

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