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What's the light snow solar term? About the light snow solar term

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The performance of

in each solar term has a very important meaning for people's life. What kind of work is the best choice when the light snow solar term comes? In addition, when the light snow solar term comes, what kind of words to say and what kind of performance are the most correct things that people should do?

小雪节气干什么好 关于小雪节气的话

what are the light snow solar terms suitable for

1. Pickles and reserved winter vegetables

in China's agriculture was not so developed in the past, and all food materials were seasonal. Fresh vegetables can be eaten in spring, summer and autumn. It is cold in winter and can't grow vegetables, so we have to store them in advance. Storage resistant vegetables such as potatoes, Chinese cabbage, radish and onion have become the main dish on the winter table.

in addition, people also pickle all kinds of pickles for winter consumption.


2. After the light snow solar term of


of cured meat and sausage, the temperature drops rapidly and the weather is relatively dry, which is a good time to process cured meat. Many farmers began to kill pigs and make sausages and bacon for long-term storage on the one hand and for consumption during the new year on the other. As the saying goes, "light snow will cover the sky, and the next year will be a bumper year". Perhaps the heavy snow in the northeast and northwest indicates that next year will be a bumper year.

beautiful sentences of the light snow solar term

1. To the light snow again, the wind is cool and the fog is falling, and the geese are far away and miss you. Snowflakes dance lightly and waves ripple gently. I wish you happiness as long as water, good luck as you soar, take care of your body and add clothes, happiness and happiness, and always be in good health!

2. The light snow in the bright weather seems to disturb your journey. Your happiness lights up the snowflakes through the clouds and melts the faint smile on the ground. Miss you in the cold winter, remember to add clothes when the snow falls, and take good care of your body for me. Wish Xiaoxue happy.

3. Light snow falls from the sky, and happiness and health come; Light snow dances with the wind, bringing good luck and good luck; Snow white earth, covering sadness, burying trouble. The breeze is light and the snow is crystal clear. May you be happy, auspicious, happy and healthy!

precautions for health preservation in the light snow solar term

1. Do a good job in cold prevention and warmth preservation.

during the light snow solar term, the northeast wind blows much more. Although the climate is cold and it is not yet winter, many people do not pay much attention to wearing hats and scarves, which is often prone to wind cold. Therefore, we must wear hats and pay attention to cold prevention.

2. Go to bed early and get up late. Soak your feet before going to bed.

light snow solar terms should enhance your physique, improve your immunity and cold resistance. First of all, to ensure adequate sleep. In winter, you should go to bed early and get up late. You'd better rest no later than 22 o'clock. If you don't rest at more than 1 o'clock, people's immunity is easy to decline. In addition, the temperature drops significantly after the light snow solar term. If you rest later, you will be infected with diseases.

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