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Snow solar term snow is not good, how to keep in good health, what is the most suitable for eating

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comes in winter, there will certainly be snow. When the light snow solar term comes, does it mean that there will be a light snow? In fact, in this process, we should also understand another problem, that is, what kind of food is suitable for people to eat during the light snow solar term?

小雪节气下雪好不好 小雪的节气适合吃什么

light snow solar term snow OK

light snow solar term if it snows, the first direct manifestation of cold air is to gradually reduce the temperature in these areas below 0 ℃. We all know that the form of precipitation will change from rain to snow only when the temperature in and under the cloud is below 0 ℃. Therefore, it is an indisputable fact that the temperature in the light snow stage is lower than that in the winter stage. In the light snow solar term, many areas in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will also enter winter one after another. With the arrival of winter, the national precipitation gradually falls into the trough of the year, but at this time, there is still relatively more rainfall in the south. Although there is first snow in these areas in the middle and late December, the weather is wet and cold at this time, which makes the northerners who first came to the South feel extremely uncomfortable, but the things that comply with the solar term are still the best, so it is best to have some snow in the light snow solar term.

light snow solar term health food

1 in light snow season, if you want to keep healthy, you'd better eat some warm and tonic food, such as mutton stewed mushroom / beef stewed tomato / steamed bass / Stewed black chicken, etc. warm tonic and cold proof are very good.


2. It is very important to protect the kidney after the light snow solar term. You can eat more mulberry and black beans, which is especially good for supplementing protein, vitamins, trace elements, calcium and iron required by the body, alleviating atherosclerosis, and is very helpful for cardiovascular diseases.

daily life of the light snow solar term

it is best to go to bed early and get up late in the light snow solar term. People should go to bed early appropriately. At the same time, they should not get up too early in the morning to ensure adequate sleep. Pay attention to your clothes. It's not good to be too thick or too thin. It is suggested that when going out, people with weak physique had better wear clothes with high collar and waist protection. Pay attention to the warmth of the feet, wash the feet with warm water, massage and stimulate the acupoints of both feet to promote blood circulation. Insist on walking for more than half an hour every day, keep warm and keep warm to prevent the occurrence of colds, otherwise it is easy to get sick.

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