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The solar term meaning of light snow what does light snow solar term eat to the body

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every food has its meaning in our life, and it also has different effects in the process of different weather changes. Then, when the light snow solar term comes, if you want to make your body more and more healthy, what kind of food is the best choice for people on this day?

小雪的节气含义 小雪节气吃什么对身体

the meaning of the light snow solar term

each of the 24 solar terms in China has its own meaning. The light snow solar term means that the weather gradually becomes cold, the northwest wind begins to become a frequent visitor, and the temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius, but the earth is not too cold at this time. Although it begins to snow, the amount of snow is small, It doesn't pile up when it falls on the ground. The light snow solar term is the twentieth of the twenty-four solar terms. On November 22 or 23 every year, the sun reaches 240 ° of the Yellow meridian, which is called the light snow solar term. The arrival of the first snow reminds people that it is time to keep warm from the cold and wear more clothes at this time.

what to eat in the light snow solar term is good for your health

1 when the light snow solar term comes, it is suitable to eat foods that reduce fire and clear lung, such as steamed pears and raw radishes. Steamed pears with rock sugar and cold white radishes are very good for clearing lung and reducing fire.

2 in addition, cashew nuts / white yams / walnuts / peanuts / medlar / lotus seeds / chestnut are very good for nourishing yin and Yang. You can eat them often.


3 light snow solar terms are also suitable for eating seasonal fruits such as apple / chestnut / orange / Hawthorn / banana / Kiwi fruit / fire dragon fruit. They can supplement vitamins and other nutrients, which is very helpful for the maintenance of the body's function.

health precautions for light snow solar term

1. If you want to be healthy, drink more soup


light snow, it will be winter. In winter, you can maintain your essence, strengthen your body and prolong your life through reasonable diet and appropriate exercise. It is often said that medicine is not as good as food. There are many ways of food tonic, among which soup tonic is "the first of food tonic".

2. Exercise frequently and not lazy

studies have shown that people with less activity on weekdays are 2-3 times more likely to catch a cold than people with normal activity. This is because there is little outdoor activity time, you can't breathe fresh air and lack of sunlight, which will slow down the body's blood circulation, reduce the body's disease resistance and immunity, and don't adapt to the outdoor environment, so it's easy to catch a cold. To prevent colds, we should go to nature and exercise actively to prevent some unnecessary damage to our body due to cold and inactivity.

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