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What is the light snow solar term? Poems about the light snow solar term

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although it is said that the impact of the arrival of the solar term on people's life is very important, the significance of the light snow solar term should be understood. For the first time, what angle should we understand the poetry and verses of the light snow solar term from? This should also be noted.

什么是小雪节气  关于小雪节气的诗

what is the light snow solar term

in China, the light snow solar term is the twentieth of the twenty-four solar terms, which is generally on the 22nd or 23rd day of November in the Gregorian calendar and the late October in the lunar calendar. In the ancient book Qunfang spectrum, the solar term of light snow is described as follows: "light snow is cold and will snow, and the ground is not cold and even the snow is not heavy." it means that from today on, the weather will gradually become cold, and the form of precipitation will change from rain to snow. Because it has just become cold and the snow is not too heavy, it is called light snow.

the ancient poem

about the solar term of light snow

the quatrains of drama on light snow day

Tang zhangdeng

Jia Zi pushed the small snow day, and the thorn Wu was as green as hibiscus flowers.


are integrated and maintained for a long time, but the rain and dew in Yanzhou are partial.


in Ciyun Zhang's secret school happy snow


in the Northern Song Dynasty, Huang Tingjian's


are all over the city. The jade appendix in the building view is dry, and it is not cold when the light snow is sunny.


moisten bamboo roots, fat wax bamboo shoots, warm open vegetables and help spring plate.


have many things in front of them, few sightseeing tours, worry free chest and wide drinking capacity.


smell that the sand pear has moved and will whip the horse to spoil the mud.

the agricultural proverb of the light snow solar term

1 the light snow closed the land, but the old man continued to plough the land.

2 no arable land in light snow, no boat in heavy snow.

3 small snow fields can be cultivated, and heavy snow can support the sails.

4 light snow is not closed, but three or five days.

5 although the light snow is cold, the nest can open, and if there are saplings at home, plant them.

6 to the light snow festival, fruit trees quickly cut.


arrived at light snow at 7:00, drilling wells and repairing canals.

8 when light snow comes, it's getting cold. Don't forget to take care of the fish pond for overwintering.

9 light snow, heavy snow, no snow, wheat and barley will shrivel.


10. The land is not sealed with light snow, and the river is cut with heavy snow without ice.

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