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What are the three seasons of the light snow solar term

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When the light snow solar term comes every year, the weather changes represented by

should be considered. Apart from the first time, when the light snow solar term comes, what kind of clothes people wear and what kind of impact will it have, is the most appropriate choice? In the light snow solar term, will there also be some changes in the three seasons?

小雪节气穿什么  小雪节气的三候

what to wear in the light snow solar term

1. It is better to wear multi-layer

. The main purpose of wearing this way is to easily increase or decrease clothes outdoors and keep warm. Children and teenagers sweat easily because they are active and exercise a lot. Multi layer clothes can increase or decrease clothes at any time, which is conducive to preventing colds.

2. Select the appropriate clothing material

when the wind force is level 5, the thermal insulation value of clothing is about twice that when the wind force is level L ~ 3. Therefore, the fabric of winter coat should be made of dense and poor air permeability materials. Under the condition of the same thickness, the wool knitted coat is only suitable for indoor or windless wear, but not for outdoor wear, because its gap is large and will not be particularly windproof. What do


light snow three seasons refer to? The three seasons of


light snow solar terms are respectively


: the ancients believed that the rainbow appeared because of the intersection of yin and Yang between heaven and earth. At this time, Yin was vigorous and Yang was hidden, so "the rainbow was hidden";


: "the weather rises" means that the Yang in the sky rises, the Yin in the earth falls, and all things lose their vitality;


: due to the cold weather, the drift of the breath of all things almost stops, so the three waiting periods say "blocking into winter", that is, the weather has changed into winter.

light snow solar term is suitable for sports

1. The weather of light snow solar term is not the coldest, so it is very suitable for winter swimming. Winter swimming exercise for healthy people has obvious effects of strengthening body, anti-aging and prolonging life. Winter swimming is becoming more and more popular in both the South and the north. Winter swimming can enhance the function of respiratory organs and reduce or even prevent the infection of respiratory diseases in winter; Winter swimming can enhance the number and willfulness of muscle fibers, so as to improve the speed, endurance and flexibility of human body. Walking

2. Compared with other physical exercise methods, walking is unique, convenient and effective, and everyone can do it. If not for more than half an hour, it can speed up the metabolism in the body, burn the excess fat in the body, enhance the physique and benefit the body and mind. Walking can also combine physical exercise with thinking activities, help strengthen the brain and inspiration, and make people more active.

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