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Can you fish in the light snow solar term in 2021

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The impact of

on the arrival of each solar term in each year should be considered in time. At what time will the light snow solar term steal in 2021? When the light snow solar term comes, will there be changes in rainy weather? Can fishing continue to occur in this solar term?

2021年小雪节气 小雪节气下雨能钓鱼吗

2021 light snow solar term time

2021 light snow solar term time is 10:33 on November 22, 2021, and Monday on October 18, the lunar new year. In this solar term, the northwest wind in vast areas of China began to become a regular visitor, and the temperature dropped gradually below 0 ℃, but the earth was not too cold. Although it began to snow, the amount of snow was small, so it was called light snow.


can you fish when it rains? When the


light snow solar terms come, the fish gradually gather together from the scattered state and "hold together" for the winter. They will always find a place suitable for living in groups, such as under the rock, beside the water and grass, and beside the pier. Generally, the same kind of fish gather together. From this time on, fish will go out to eat less every day, and will not "go" far. Tilapia, catfish balang, yellow capsicum and grass carp are basically in a dormant state, and occasionally take the initiative to look for food in sunny weather; The feeding of carp, silver carp, silver carp and warped shell will also be reduced; Although crucian carp will also cluster, it is still a relatively active light snow period. Although it has entered winter, the water temperature throughout the day has not fallen below 5 ℃ which is not suitable for the living environment of crucian carp. Generally, it can be caught. Continuous cloudy and rainy days will also increase the oxygen content in the water and improve the activity of fish. So it's OK in rainy days. Of course, if it's windy, don't go fishing, otherwise it's easy to get sick.

the history of the light snow solar term

in China's ancient book "xiaojingwei", it is said that: "on the 15th day after the beginning of winter, fighting refers to the sea, which is light snow. The heaven and earth accumulate Yin, the temperature is rain, and the cold is snow. It is said that when the weather is small, the cold is not deep, but the snow is not big." in the Qunfang spectrum, it is said that "light snow is cold and will snow, and the ground is not cold and even the snow is not big." Wu Cheng's collection of the seventy-two seasons of the month, written in the Yuan Dynasty, said: "in mid October, it rains and is thin by the cold, so it condenses and becomes snow. It's not enough for the small." the weather is cold, and the form of precipitation changes from rain to snow, but the amount of snow is not large, so it's called light snow. It is often half ice and half melting, or it melts immediately after falling to the ground, which is called "wet snow" in meteorology; Sometimes rain and snow fall together, called "sleet", which is a meteorological change formed because the weather is not particularly cold.

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