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What does the light snow solar term mean? Ancient poetry of light snow solar term

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ancient poetry has an important meaning in people's life, and there are different descriptions of different things. So when the light snow solar term comes, what aspects can we learn the meaning contained in it, and when the light snow solar term comes, there are some very beautiful ancient poetry?

小雪节气的意思是什么 小雪节气 古诗

what is the meaning of the light snow solar term

the light snow solar term is a festival reflecting weather phenomena. The snow is small and there is no snow on the ground, which is the original meaning of the solar term "light snow". The ancient book "Qunfang spectrum" says: "light snow is cold and will snow. The ground is not even cold and the snow is not big." that is to say, in the "light snow" festival, due to the cold weather, the form of precipitation changes from rain to snow, but at this time, due to the "ground is not very cold", the snow falls less frequently and the amount of snow is not large, so it is called light snow. Light snow, like rain, grain rain and other solar terms, is a solar term that directly reflects precipitation. After light snow, precipitation will increase.

the ancient poem

describing the solar term of light snow

in light snow

in the left River

in Taihang, the early snow brings cold wind and withers all the way to central Jiangxi.


chrysanthemums wither and plum trees move secretly in the East fence, so we know that the earth turns to Yang.

light snow

Don Dai shulun

flowers and snow are not tired of watching in the wind, and more are willing to lose the forest range.


worried people are under the book window, flying cold.


in Ciyun Zhang's secret school happy snow


in the Northern Song Dynasty, Huang Tingjian's


are all over the city. The jade appendix in the building view is dry, and it is not cold when the light snow is sunny.


moisten bamboo roots, fat wax bamboo shoots, warm open vegetables and help spring plate.


have many things in front of them, few sightseeing tours, worry free chest and wide drinking capacity.


smell that the sand pear has moved and will whip the horse to spoil the mud.

the agricultural proverb of the light snow solar term

1. The wheat is late at the beginning of winter, and light snow accumulates fertilizer.

2. Light snow collects onions, and if not, it will be empty. Radish and cabbage, in the cellar. Winter irrigation of wheat, moisture conservation and antifreeze. Afforestation and collection of tree species. Transform waterlogged depressions and control water and mountains. Water conservancy facilities, canal repair and well drilling.

3. Catch water in hot days, hit deep pools in cold days, blow wind feet, snow hit water, clear water hit night, muddy water hit day.

4. There is heavy snow on the light snow festival, and there is no snow on the heavy snow festival.

5. Auspicious snow indicates a good year, and frost shows a sunny day.

6. The fields are red with light snow and empty with heavy snow.


at 7:00, there was light snow and there was no rest for drilling wells and repairing canals.

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