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24 solar terms light snow three solar terms light snow is sunny, okay

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The 24 solar terms of

contain a meaning and historical inheritance, which is a very important situation. What kind of performance will the weather change bring when the light snow solar term comes? Is it sunny or will it snow? This should be expressed in different forms according to regional differences. What are the three phases of


, 二十四节气 小雪 三候 节气小雪是晴天好不好,


light snow solar terms? The three phases of


light snow solar terms are respectively


: the ancients believed that the rainbow appeared because of the intersection of yin and Yang between heaven and earth. At this time, the Yin Qi was exuberant and the Yang Qi was hidden, so "the rainbow was hidden";


: "the weather rises" means that the Yang in the sky rises, the Yin in the earth falls, and all things lose their vitality;


: due to the cold weather, the drift of the breath of all things almost stops, so the three seasons say "blocking into winter", which means that the weather has entered winter.

how about a sunny day with light snow

in China, there is an agricultural proverb that if there is light snow on a sunny day, there will be rain and snow to the edge of the year, and there will be a sunny day on a light snow day. In the coming winter, there will be more rain and snow weather, which will continue to drop around the Spring Festival. Such abundant precipitation is undoubtedly very good for farmland, It is also the weather that farmers like to see most. In the past, the irrigation facilities in rural areas were relatively backward, mainly depending on the day to eat, and the precipitation depends on the weather. Therefore, there is abundant precipitation in winter, so that the farmland and crops can be nourished by water, so as to grow more and more well, and it is easy to obtain high yield in the coming year. Especially in the north, there is a well-known saying that wheat seedlings are covered with three layers of quilt and sleep on steamed bread next year. These three floors are referred to as three hearty heavy snow, so light snow and sunny days are very good for agriculture.

the blessing words of the light snow solar term

1. Snow, falling from the sky, falling white, falling slowly and falling to the ground; You, meet occasionally, make friends sincerely, get along deeply, and stay forever. Today's light snow solar term, I wish you always pay attention to the weather and care for your body. I wish you good luck.

2. Heart to heart, no matter how far away it is, it is also close; Learn to be content, no matter how bitter life is, it is also sweet; Some people think that the colder winter is also warm. In light snow season, take care of your body and keep in touch when you are empty! Remember to be happy!

3. Light snow falls in pairs on the same day. On November 22, the blessing is long, 1 sail is smooth, the future is broad, 1 Ma Pingchuan has a brilliant industry, 2 enjoy happiness without saying anything, and 2 dragons play with beads in a bright mood. Wish: good luck in pairs, Xiaoxue happy and auspicious!

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