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What is the first of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar? What do the northern folk eat

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in Chinese legislation, the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar have different forms of expression, and there are differences in time. So in the lunar calendar, how to understand the specific time of the arrival of the light snow solar term, one of the 24 solar terms? In addition, when the light snow solar term comes, what kind of food will people in the North eat?

小雪是农历24节气中的第几节气 小雪节气北方民俗吃什么

light snow solar terms are the 20th of the 24 solar terms in China. The time is on November 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar, that is, when the sun reaches 240 ° of the Yellow meridian. "Light snow" is a solar term reflecting climate characteristics, and the precipitation will increase significantly after the light snow solar term.

what do you eat in the North during the light snow solar term? 1. Black rice

black rice is very precious. It is known as "tribute rice" and "longevity rice", and has special nutritional value. The color of black rice is different from that of other rice mainly because its outer cortex contains anti-aging anthocyanins. The darker the color of rice, the stronger the anti-aging effect of epidermal pigment. In addition, this pigment is also rich in flavonoids, which is five times as much as white rice, which is of great benefit to the prevention of arteriosclerosis.


2. Crucian carp


in the winter when the cold wind blows and the cold air strikes, the meat of crucian carp is rich in fat seeds and the taste is especially delicious. Therefore, there is a folk saying of "winter crucian carp and summer catfish". Crucian carp has tender meat, sweet meat taste and high nutritional value. Every 100 grams of meat contains 13 grams of protein and 11 grams of fat, and contains a lot of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Crucian carp has high medicinal value. It tastes sweet, flat and warm. It enters the stomach and kidney. It has the effects of harmonizing and tonifying deficiency, dehumidification and diuresis, tonifying deficiency and winning, warming the stomach, eating and tonifying vitality. It is very helpful to ensure health.

Customs of light snow solar term

1. Eating Ciba

in southern China, there is also the custom of eating Ciba in October of the lunar calendar. Ciba is a kind of food made by steaming and mashing glutinous rice. It is a popular food in some areas of southern China. In ancient times, Ciba was a traditional festival sacrifice in southern China. It was first used by farmers to sacrifice cattle gods. As the saying goes, "in October Dynasty, Ciba Lu was burned", which refers to the sacrificial event.

2. Drying fish

during light snow, fishermen in the South Central Coast will start drying fish and storing dry food. Cuttlefish will come to the Strait before and after the light snow. In addition, there are swordfish, sand fish and so on. As the saying goes: October beans are too fat to see their head. It means that in the cloth bag area of Jiayi County, "bean larvae" can be caught in October of the lunar calendar, so people have the custom of drying fish.

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